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3/21/13 10:06 P

My mind is set I will stop eating by 6:30 to 7:00pm I did it for one week. Feel much better.
One day I ate just before 10;30 went to the bed 11:30pm I was miserable and did not sleep good. Had a heartburn... emoticon

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3/21/13 8:13 P


ALILANC Posts: 137
3/21/13 7:36 P

Ha, I could have written this post! My old standby's are: Herbal Tea, Orville 94% fat free popcorn and some sweetness-equate chocolate shake if I've got the cals to spare.

I admit I'm not a breakfast eater, never have been, never will be....I lost 35lbs with spark almost 4 years ago now, and it didn't inlvolve breakfast.So I always had a 300+ budget of cals at the end of the day. But in the last couple years 5-10lbs have found their way back to me. I honestly feel my trigger for night time eating is because I finally get to sit down and relax for the first time all day.

So no breakfast....I have to eat lunch with my patients (I'm a nurse) and that's usually just 15 mins time, if there are no lunch issues, choking etc. Then dinner is nuts with the family! Any Mom knows I don't need to explain that. So by the time everyone's bathed and tucked in, lunches are packed, clothes ready for the next day I'm ready to CHILL and for the first time all day I can sit and ENJOY whatever it is I'm eating! It's almost like it's the first food I've tasted all day! And depending on how stressful the day was can often influence what I crave.

Because my 5yr old twins are in school full time now and my 10yr old is a bit more independent I picked up full time at work so I'm having to develop a new routine. I'm too exhausted to exercise at 8:30-9PM like I did before so now I had to switch up my routine. Ultimately I gave into the exhaustion, gave up the regular exercise, tracking and gave into the evening munchies. Now I'm letting DH get dinner going and start feeding the kids, I have that equate shake or a kashi bar on my drive home so I'm not starving while doing my running that actually prevents me from wanting dinner until after 6pm. I find that Yes I may have to lessen my snack between 8-11pm but I'm also less likely to over indulge.

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3/20/13 4:09 P

I feel like I am eating more at night because I am not busy. I am 2 weeks post-surgery, and restricted from my typical 5x/week Jazzercise classes which keep me out ouf the house and away from the fridge/pantry for an extra hour or two in the evenings. I have realized the fact that I am just at home more often, I feel the pull of the evening snacks more strongly. I never realized this before. I guess I need to add more activities to my schedule until I get the all-clear for high-impact again.

KANDKFAM1 Posts: 172
3/20/13 3:54 P

I love this Spark community for many reasons. One important reason is realizing I am not the only one that has struggles. I have the exact same issue of struggling with night time eating. This time of day is the worst for me and I realize that I consume more calories during this 4 to 5 hour 'red zone' than the entire rest of the day. Why do I do it? Because I am hungry, because I am sitting down in front of the television, because I trade enjoying taste for getting healthy, etc.
Those that do not have this issue may think it's easy to just shut it off, but trust me, it is a very hard habit to break. Thanks to all of your suggestions!

IWILLMAKEIT91 SparkPoints: (2,511)
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3/20/13 7:40 A

These are all great ideas, what I do to stop the night time cravings is I do a bedtime rutine. I eat dinner 3 to 4 hours before bed then I take that time to stretch or do yoga for 30_1hr take a hit short and read a book long enough to easily fall asleep

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3/7/13 10:50 P

yes we can!!

LAURA_MAE_A SparkPoints: (0)
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3/7/13 10:50 P

fruityful, the popcorn idea is a great one. that snack sounds delicious, when i do my groceries i'm going to look for that popcorn!

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3/7/13 10:48 P

that does help so much! i know exactly what you mean by feeling guilty about having one bad snack, and going downhill.. then it just leads to a big snowball. i am going to try the tea, i love tea but i never thought to drink one as opposed to a snack

RENEE536 Posts: 95
3/7/13 1:59 P

This has always been my biggest struggle as well. If I eat one bad snack at night, I'll get so discouraged and end up eating a ton more. The best thing that helps me is to drink hot "sleepytime" tea. I find it relaxing. I know most of the reason I eat at night is b/c my day is done and I want to just enjoy myself without thinking about anything. I try to make my tea as I'm getting my son ready for bed, that way once he's down, my tea is made--I don't have the decision to make about whether I'm going to eat or not. Flossing and brushing teeth helps as well. I also sometimes remind myself that I'll sleep better if I'm not overly full, and that if I really still want a treat in the AM after I wake up, I can have one. I hardly ever want it then. :) And of course, once you're in the habit of not eating at night, it's so much easier. I've just gotten back into this bad habit again recently, but I'm working on it. :) Hope any of this helps someone, this is a really tough one!

ZELDA13 SparkPoints: (78,414)
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3/7/13 12:10 P

I also like to snack at night. I stopped fighting it and instead changed how I handle it. I make sure I am eating enough during the day so I am not hungrier than I should be at night. I try to keep homemade soup, greek yogurt, fresh fruits and veggies, salt-free pretzels and popcorn on hand. I just bought laughing cow wedges. One wedge is 35 calories and makes a good "dip" for veggies or pretzels. Sometimes a cup of tea, decaf coffee of warm V8 helps curb my hunger. Just make sure to follow the serving size.

3/7/13 11:22 A

Night time eating has always been my nemesis when it comes to losing weight. UUGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

CHRISSY182 Posts: 30
3/7/13 10:46 A

I totally understand. My hardest days are the days I do cardio, which is usually every other day. I am starving on those days. I struggle every day with staying within my calorie range but cardio days are a lot harder. If I eat carbs at dinner time, that works occasionally, but I try eating some mixed nuts with a few mini m&ms with it. It is 170 calories, but gives me the salt and sweet that I crave.

3/6/13 11:36 P

I have to stay off the couch at night. I did this before (lost weight but gained some back) and I can do it again. Eating on the couch has become ingrained in me though. So when I sit down, it's a trigger. Since I crave food at night, that's when I really have to stay off the couch.

SASSYBRUN Posts: 192
3/6/13 4:04 P

Night time was also my worst time (and could be again if I let it). On a talk show, a psychologist said to identify the worst time for our diet (think we have), he said it has something to do with our past (e.g. 3pm munchers are like that because mom would give them a snack when they got home from school). The psychologist mentioned that all you have to do is tell yourself you won't do it, as opposed to fearing the event.

What I've tried to do is have a large breakfast (healthy of course) with the best food I'm going to taste that day, that's as a reward for not eating at night. Lately, when I've been desperate I've had a few 5 calorie jello snacks. They can be filling ;)

NIMBUS-NEEN SparkPoints: (25,896)
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3/6/13 11:43 A

Thanks to all of you for your tips. I have this awful habit of late night eating too. I can go for a few days just doing perfectly well. THEN it's self-sabotage. This time I went 5 days. I am going to try to extend this to 6 and then 7 and so on. Maybe that way I can bury the bad habit with good ones. I like the idea of popcorn, Fruityful. That's a whole grain and yes we can work it into the calorie plan. I am certainly going to try the teeth brushing. I have a feeling that this might work big time. Melmomo, LauraMae... we CAN do this. Let's cheer each other on. Nice to meet all of you.

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (106,506)
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3/6/13 7:51 A

Brush your teeth early and use mouthwash. Get that minty fresh clean feeling in your mouth and you won't want to ruin it with eating extra snacks.

FRUITYFUL Posts: 1,140
3/6/13 12:53 A

I used to have a problem with late night snacking too. What is working for me right now, is planning an evening snack. For me, my go to snack is a bag of popcorn. I buy the Orville Redenbacher 94% fat free. It's 120 calories for the whole bag. I also add something sweet, and my treat of choice lately is Ghirardelli Dark chocolates with sea salt & caramel. Three pieces are 190 calories. This adds up to 310 calories, which for some is a lot for a snack, but it fits in my tracker and it's something that I have when all the laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc., is done for the day. I sit down in front of the television and eat my snack and watch whatever shows my DVR recorded for me. I know when I'm done with that, I'm done. And the whole bag of popcorn is really filling.

For me, knowing that I have this to look forward to, keeps me from eating other things that are not in the plan. Good luck to you both!


MELMOMOF4 SparkPoints: (7,311)
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3/6/13 12:24 A

i am in the same boat as you are tonight. the last several days I find myself eating a lot at night. I find that if I exercise during the day then I don't tend to snack at night

LAURA_MAE_A SparkPoints: (0)
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3/5/13 11:49 P

I've been doing sparkpeople on and off for a while. I'm sick of falling off the wagon, getting discouraged, quitting, and starting all over again. I want to be consistent with my eating habits and weight loss!
I map out my meals and snacks throughout the day and try to aim for the lower calorie range, and I do great...until nighttime! As soon as I sit on the couch, or get home from work, I grab a snack. I usually try to fight it, but once I eat something I wind up feeling really discouraged and disapointed in myself.
I'm having a hard time stopping the late night snacking, any advice or tips or words of encouragement would be so appreciated!!! emoticon

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