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Because your friend has had potentially serious results of the kitchen's LACK of safety concerns, that is something that I (and the friend) would DEFINITELY be taking up with the management. Getting a letter of support from her Dr would also be really good. Perhaps in the letter a 'guilt trip' could be laid on them. Something along the lines of

"Imagine that you have a daughter ..... Imagine that your Daughter goes to this college. THEN imagine that your daughter has health issues which necessitate safe food practices. Perhaps that health issue is to ANY fish, or ANY dairy, or ANY nuts, etc. THEN imagine that your daughter had been given this food to eat, and consumed it because the kitchen had failed to make it known that there were life-threatening allergens in that food.

THEN imagine that YOUR dearly loved daughter suffered the results of that NEGLIGENCE of the kitchen staff (and ultimately the management of this college) and perhaps DIED! THEN imagine how you would feel!

You CAN do something about this......"

If no response, then an open letter to a newspaper, or human rights...... because it CAN be classed as a human right's issue!!!


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I feel kind of helpless when it comes to talking to the dining hall. My friend is allergic to pineapple and they sometimes cook with it and she only knows if she has a reaction to it. They care that little. I also have friends who work in the cafeteria and they've told me how resistant to change they are. They suck. Damn you, chartwells.

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10/10/13 7:57 P

"sugar cleanse" = no sugar for a while? I can't see any harm in that. It's healthiest to keep at least added sugars to a bare minimum anyway.

Stuff you can keep in a dorm-type fridge to supplement the cafeteria:

I always recommend hummus, with whatever crunchy vegetable you like to go with it. (Carrots, peppers, whatever.) It's surprisingly filling for the calories and tastes awesome, at least in my opinion. For a few more calories (or if you're out of veggies) crackers also work.

Yogurt could be good. Mix in some seeds or nuts or dried fruit if you have the calories to spare and need the fats/nutrients/whatever.

Nothing wrong with the eggs you're already buying. Boiled eggs are pretty good snacks on their own (though very low-calorie if it's only one -- only 70 -- so may not be filling by itself).

I can't remember how much cooking you said you could do and don't want to go back a page to look, so ignore this if you can't, but if you can (and don't laugh!): take instant rice, beans of any kind, salt, onion, and curry powder, plus a vegetable if you have the money and you're feeling ambitious, and you have a very easy, very inexpensive, and very filling meal for those times that there's nothing else available. All you really need is one pot. And you don't have to worry about safe storage or handling of meat with inadequate facilities.

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Buying cans or pouches of protein (meat, beans, lentils), as well as vegetables. (get them oh really good specials and stock up.) Then you can heat up what you want when you want/need them. Perhaps you will be able to take something to the dining room and ask if they will let you heat it up. I would just be inclined to say something like "my health requires a more balanced diet and this way I can ensure that I get it." I would suggest something else that you can do! Write a letter to the management and ask them to review what is on offer, or how it is presented, and explain that there are many people with various health issues who require more knowledge about, and control over, what they are eating. It might work, or it might not, but unless you try, you won't know. Maybe some of your friends can join you. If they are bombarded with letters, they might just take note!


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Okay, well I'm not eating salad all the time. I definitely don't have the willpower for that. Ha.

I go to a small private school. Super. Small. There's no vegetarian options and when discussing healthy choices, it just boils down to "Well, eat a salad." (Which is why I brought up the salad).

Nutritional Info is only displayed a small percentage of the time. Pretty much just when they feel like it. Its not online, its on a little display card in front of the food.

I've been doing fairly well eating in my room. I bought a dozen eggs and I usually eat an omelette sort of thing. Occasionally I would have pumpkin french toast. I have been eating pumpkin oatmeal (I bought a can of pumpkin... it stretched farther than I thought I would!) and I am currently trying a sugar cleanse.

Also, there is no grill. Our options are /very/ limited. I love the veggie quesadillas they make in our little "fast food" joint on campus, but we have to pay out of pocket for those and they're not always good. ex: they don't cook it enough, one time they left out all the beans and corn, one time they just loaded it up with jalapenos, etc.

I'm trying really hard, but it seems theres more working against me than for me.

I decided to do the sugar cleanse after I ate a whole box of those mini 90calorie snickers ice cream bars in two days. :| The worst I have had today has been a serving of white bread with lunch and a serving of white bread with dinner. They don't even really try to offer healthy food, I swear.

I do have a fridge and a very very very small freezer in that mini fridge. I'm an RA, so I have access to the full fridge and freezer downstairs. I've been thinking of preparing and freezing things. But if anyone has any ideas for stuff I can keep in my room while still utilizing the cafeteria, that would be great.

Also, the cookie dough was left over from a program we did for the building.

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9/30/13 11:07 A

I went to a small private school (like 2800-2900 students) and our nutrition info was online with the weekly menu on the dining hall portion of the school website.

See if your school could provide you with that info in any way. My school also had a gluten-free/vegan/special dietary needs section with soymilk, gluten free cereals, etc. Not saying that you have any of those needs, but they were VERY accommodating. And they would also prepare a meal of the "regular" food a different way for students who had an allergy or need.

For instance, if we had green beans with almonds, they would prepare some without for the students who couldn't eat the almonds.

But outside of there, get some fruit and veggies that you can munch on in your room. If you can have a microwave or access to one, get some plain popcorn without the "movie theater butter style!" Takes a little bit of planning sometimes, but it's better than always eating cookies/dough :)

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9/30/13 8:41 A

where on earth are all these cookies and piles of cookie dough coming from? because you should avoid whatever place that is. and if you're buying it then you should buy other things.

and you don't have to limit yourself to salads. grab some broccoli, cauliflower or other veggies from the salad bar and add some of the hot pasta [and sauce if your cafeteria does plain pasta and pick your own sauce] on top of them. the hot pasta will slightly cook the raw veggies and it will bulk out the meal for fewer calories.
you may want to ask if there are any special dining options that you are missing. my school had a vegetarian entree section that was in a tiny corner of the salad bar and they usually had things like grain and vegetable stuffed peppers, but they didn't make very many of them. so if that spot was empty you had to ask for them, but you had to know that that was what that empty spot was for. at some of the satellite food sites you could get things like fruit and cheese plates and everywhere had fresh fruit and yogurt.
you should also talk to dining services. most schools outsource that area, so the people making the food want to keep students happy. it means that they don't have to be quite as price competitive when their contract comes back up. and they want students to like the food. i know the dining services at my college had open meetings about once or twice a semester for input. it's how shrimp cocktail kept popping up on the menu, people loved it. but if they don't have a set time, set up a time. if you have friends that feel the same way, all of you go to discuss wanting better or more flavorful options. you may find that some of those are already in place and you just don't know where to look for them. but they may try out some new things. just be sure that you know when they are starting the new trial and make sure you eat it. if they try it and it goes to waste they won't do it again. but if they try and it keeps selling out they will slowly start to expand and shift the menu more in that direction.

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9/30/13 7:02 A

Great suggestions.
Definitely invest in some flavours that you like, to mix/spice things up a bit.
The tinned meats & fish are wonderful options.

Be aware that SOME spice mixtures are full of salt and sugar, so read the labels before you invest your $$. Herbs are a great option, because they often are JUST the herb, and nothing else.

Best wishes.

Make friends with the staff, and perhaps you'll be able to get them to do "naked" stuff for you to add to your salads (sans sauces, breadings, etc., that you may not wish to consume)

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9/30/13 4:00 A

As you are on a budget and have a meal plan, I understand your eating what is provided. It is also possible that you have been ditching a lot of their protein foods, and even healthy fats, which can set you up for craving the types of things you are, and then binging on them. It's great that they provide salads ..... are you able to get some small cans of salmon (with the bones in still), tuna, or canned chicken but not in dressings? I mention these because they are great sources of protein and other essential nutrients, and because they are canned, don't need refrigeration until opened. Mixed Bean Salad is another great option to go with what they provide. Have some little bags of nuts and possibly dried fruit to nibble on when you feel a binge on cookie mix etc. coming on. They still have calories, but at least they are healthy foods so they are quality calories.

As far as what THEY prepare, are you able to have little containers of things like Lemon Pepper, Cinnamon, Chilli Powder etc. to give your food a bit more taste without the calories.

Good luck,

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9/30/13 1:34 A

It can be really hard to eat well when you have to rely on the cafeteria.
It sounds like the overeating may be because of the food choices available, no seasoning, limited variety and repetitive meals.

So a few thoughts:

Buy your own seasoning mixes. Carry a bottle with you. There are lots of prepared products like Mrs. Dash or you can mix up your own. Use it to spice up soups, salads, chicken, steak or whatever.

Are you getting enough protein? Living on salads doesn't work unless you are adding protein like chicken, steak, tuna etc. Use your spice mix to punch it up.

Does your cafeteria have a grill? If yes, have them grill up a naked quesadilla. Chicken, black beans, cheese, peppers etc without the tortilla.

Grab salad bar veggies to add to an omelet.

Put spicy salsa on a salad.

I find that if I up the flavor and the protein I'm much more satisfied.

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9/29/13 10:27 P

You didn't say whether you have a refrig to store things or if you live in a dorm without the frig?
If you can keep stuff cool, how about celery, carrots, fresh bag of spinach, broccoli with a yogurt/ranch dressing ( mix the dry Ranch into yogurt )for dip when you get the urges...very low cal. Stores also have bags of shredded, chunky chicken you can add to salad which will hold you longer since it is protein. If you have a freezer, you could try Yasso frozen yogurt,,,it's really good, only 80 calories for your sweet tooth. When you get closer to target weight, it comes off slower. You don't have to live on salads, fruit is good too. When you feel the urge, drink lots of water, get out and walk and think about why this weight loss is important to you

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9/29/13 10:08 P

I'm having such a hard time eating healthy. Lately I've been eating either the wrong thing or too much of anything (or too much of the wrong thing). Like today I was doing well until chocolate chip cookie dough came into the picture.
I've lost a lot of weight and I am coming to a plateau. My goal is 125-135, but I am stuck at 142-144. I am having such a hard time eating healthy and abstaining from overeating. Its like I just leave my body and end up eating several cookies and a good amount of cookie dough. I am a college student with a meal plan and the food sucks. One of my problems is that I am finding it hard to eat just salad. Our options are terrible. Nothing is flavored and theres a lot of repetition.

What should I do? Should I go to the counseling center to make sure I'm okay? How do I stop overindulging?

I've been taking things from the salad bar so I can use them as ingredients for healthy stuff, like omelets, so I'm trying. Please help! :C

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