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NIRERIN Posts: 14,247
5/16/13 7:55 A

if you have problems keeping track of time, set an alarm to remind you when to eat or switch activities. you don't have to keep the exact schedule you do on the weekdays, but look at what you need to do, figure out when you should eat, then set an alarm for those times. alternately, try to block out what you need to do in different areas and plan to eat between the switches. in other words, let's say on saturday you need to do some reading for your classes, laundry, a workout, and you need to do something with your family. so plan on a snack or meal between each of those activities. set up different areas of your space for different activities [a certain chair for reading, your desk for actually completing assignments, etc] and know that when you switch, you should pay attention to what time it is and probably eat something.
if you want pizza or chinese then make it. pizza dough is insanely easy to make and you certainly burn more calories making pizza than you do calling it in. that's not to say you can't have the buffet or order in, but if you switch that to every other, every third, every fourth or otherwise space it out with homemade, then you'll be easily able to save some calories and still get what you want.
this is the base recipe i use and it takes whole wheat [use a little less flour or a little more water], bran, flax, millet, sunflower seeds and pretty much anything else you'd like to add to make the dough a little heartier quite well. other people have said great things about using a cauliflower crust if you would like to try that route.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/15/13 3:08 P

Weekends are my biggest challenge too. Often I'll have a friend invite me out for a beer on Friday, and my husband will want to go out to dinner with friends Saturday (dinner often being hot wings and fried foods and watching a sporting event for several hours). On these days I try to plan ahead by having a smaller healthier breakfast or lunch so I can bank a few extra calories, and I also go in planning what I will eat and how much - so in the morning I'll add 6 hot wings, 20 oz of beer, and some ranch dressing to my tracker - then when someone orders chili cheese fries, oh darn they're not on my tracker, so I'll skip them. It helps me be accountable to myself to plan it ahead of time, and I'm not adding hundreds of calories that I didn't even realize I ate later.

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5/15/13 1:45 P

I definately fall into the same category, weekends are so crammed and the schedule differs from one weekend to the next its very difficult to stay on plan, however that is just an excuse for me.. with a little extra planning and disciplne... we can do it.... all the tips on here have been so Great.... thanks for sharing and thanks for starting this topic as you can tell you are not alone on the weekend struggle..... emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,745
5/15/13 1:20 P

my daughter and I have a standing lunch date on Saturdays, she generally wants pizza so we get the thin crust 14 inch chicken pizza (2 slices is 310 calories). I love chinese food as well. I would suggest not doing the buffet and simply ordering a meal from your favorite restaurant or going there to eat. I sub out the fried rice and noodles for brown rice, ask for extra veggies and take half of my sesame chicken home.

SUPERMODUS SparkPoints: (12,868)
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5/15/13 12:31 P

If you're set on eating from a pizza place or Chinese buffet, maybe consider one of two strategies. For example, when I get pizza, I always get the 10-slice kind (Dominoes) or ask them to cut it into smaller slices. That way, I can "eat" more and generally not feel bad about the calorie intake.

Chinese is probably one of my biggest weaknesses, but when I head to a buffet place, I deliberately try to think differently. One way that might help is to put a little rice on your plate every time you go back. In Japan, it's very common to eat rice as a side for EVERY meal, even breakfast, so it might just keep you fuller. Another way you might consider is challenging yourself: if you can't stay away from certain high-calorie foods, then make a point of only going back one or two times, and try to fill up as much as you can on those runs.

Binge-eating because you end up eating too late can definitely be a challenge -- in that case, I'd really recommend pre-planning your meals so you have something to grab quickly. Another thing you might do is re-organise your cabinets and easy-to-reach spots in the kitchen, so all the fattier foods are further in the back. If you're heading for a quick snack, reaching for the low-sodium pretzels is always better than reaching for the chips.

JENNY4452885 SparkPoints: (19,698)
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5/15/13 11:37 A

Thanks for all the great suggestions. Alcohol is not a problem for me. I wouldn't waste calories on it...I'd rather have food. I do cook during the week, but on Friday and Saturday night pizza or the chinese buffet call my name. I think it's a scheduling thing for me too. During the week at work, I eat at certain times everyday, but on the weekend I might get busy and not eat until I'm really hungry and that's when I make bad choices. I'm going to work on it. I work too hard during the week to goof up on the weekend. Thanks again everybody. Keep the advice and encouragement coming!!

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
5/15/13 10:17 A

First, I highly recommend identifying your triggers on the weekends. Is it alcohol? Eating out? Junk food in the house?

My eating out trigger is fixed. I used to use eating out as an axcuse to eat the high cal tasty items. No longer. Now, eating out is the treat. If we go with friends who want to share an appetizer, I have only one bite. I check out the menu and order from the low-cal section. Usually those portions are good, and not as ginormous as the others. If they don't have online nutrition info, or even menu identified low cal items, I use my head. Stay away from cream sauces, have a grilled, lean meat, or veggie item, veggies on the side and skip fries. Salads are often good, but also, can have a lot of hidden fats or calories in some ingredients. So I'm careful with them. I also don't over eat. I stop when I am full. (This can be hard in more social situations!!!) I just remind myself that if something looked tasty, I can have that the next time.

Alcohol isn't much of a trigger for me, as I only have a glass of wine or two at most every few months. If you are a social drinker though, stick to light beer or wine, or low cal cocktails and have a glass of water in between drinks.

Junk in the house. Now, this could be a huge trigger for me. SO, I don't really keep much junk in my house. However, I have had easter candy in the house for a few months, and I don't really touch it. I identify it as "the kids" and don't indulge. I don't know why that usually works. It is also out of sight, so that helps too. The other stuff that could be considered slightly junk foodish are the chocolate covered granola bars. That is for the teen... so I don't really touch them. Every so often I will have one, but not very, as they can lead me to eating worse. Then Pringles. My husband LOVES them. I buy him a can every two weeks. To me, those are his. I am not the biggest pringle fan. They are good, but I can avoid them. The rest of the food is pretty healthy. Some other granola bars (mostly for the hubby's breakfast) and cereal. If you aren't in control of the food that is in your house, try to get in control of you. This will be hard. Have healthy snack options when you need something fast. Make some granola bars (they are better than the store bought) or keep apples or fruit and nuts on hand. Those are a few things that I usually keep on hand. Nut butters too. Try to keep most processed food out of the house too. THings like pretzels aren't as bad for you as chips, but they still don't have a great nutritive value.

Next, the lunches that I pack for lunch, I try to keep the fixings on hand so I can have the same breakfast and lunch as I do during the week. REALLY helps me to stay focused on the goals!

LDHAWKE SparkPoints: (19,069)
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5/14/13 5:23 P

I think most of us struggle on the weekends. Plan your meals ahead of time, whether you are cooking or going out to eat. If you are going out to eat, look up the nutritional information of the restaurant's food and plan ahead what you will order and how much you will eat. Remember, restaurants usually provide us with hefty portions, so plan on dividing it in half and taking the remainder home to eat the next day.

The most important thing to me is to log in everything I eat. That way I am aware of the calories I have eaten and how much remains. It really does help me plan my weekends a lot better when I track my foods.

Be sure to keep drinking that water!

SUPERMODUS SparkPoints: (12,868)
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5/14/13 4:27 P

The articles on weekend eating that Sparkpeople's done are great for situations like this. I've had trouble myself on the weekends, and I'm actually dreading this coming summer: I'm a student, and the next few months are going to be like weekend living for me, since I'm taking online classes and staying with my parents to save money.

But doing well on the weekends can be easy as long as you keep motivated. I would say that if you're home on the weekends, maybe try a few things like:

- Get a bottle/large glass, fill it with water, and every time you head to the kitchen, refill it (even if it's not empty). That keeps me from diving right into the soda, since I'll already be carrying a glass out of the kitchen.

- Try to split up the idea of resting and the weekends. Since you do great during the week, maybe you take a break on exercising and on eating right during Saturday and Sunday. I find what works for me is to separate those two. Maybe you can take one of your exercise rest days during the week when you're doing great, and allot one day to eat a little freely during the weekend. Even if you eat too much, for example, exercising that same day could make you feel better (and you might be motivated to exercise more!).

- Keep things in perspective. More or less, a pound is about 7,000 calories. That's a lot to eat and not burn off in two days. Even if you don't exercise and eat a lot, you still have to consider your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), and what your body burns off naturally. Don't let dread overwhelm the weekend. Your five days of great management are always going to mean more than the two not-so-great days.

Besides that, I second what another member said. Be mindful when you go out to eat - maybe try strategies like asking for water, or politely refusing a refill of your drink when the waiter comes by. If you take on preparing your meals beforehand, one thing you might also do is prepare a healthy dessert beforehand if you know you'll be eating out. That way, you can eat less with the idea of "saving for dessert", and save on calories overall.

That's just more or less what's helped me out. I hope you can get your weekends under control.

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5/14/13 12:28 P

try to plan your weekend meals as well as the ones you eat during the week. It is so tempting to have "just a little" of whatever. I cook four meals on Friday to get me through the weekend. If I happen to be out somewhere, I always opt for a salad with the dressing on the side. If it's not enough, I can always go home and eat what I have already prepped.

Good luck!! emoticon

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,549
5/14/13 9:45 A

Here's a resource you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

JENNY4452885 SparkPoints: (19,698)
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5/14/13 9:24 A

I do great during the week. On the weekends I struggle. I might lose two pounds during the week and gain it back on the weekend. Any helpful strategies would be appreciated.

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