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MARTHA324 Posts: 5,802
4/6/14 10:27 P

Eat healthy as often as you can if you choose foods that aren't as healthy on the weekends - pay attention to portion size.
I have no foods that are off limits; just some that I limit. The weekends are times that I let myself indulge a bit. That worked for me as I lost 80 pounds BTW.

YOGA_CHICA Posts: 168
4/6/14 5:48 P

You are definitely not alone! I have the same problem - I eat well on weedays, but when the weekend comes, I'm an eating machine.

I'm sure most of my problem is the lack of structure on weekends, and the constant proximity to food.

I've found that if I keep busy and schedule my meals (instead of grazing and munching), I do much better. I also need to make sure there are lots of healthy food options around so I don't succumb to the lure of my husband's ice cream.
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4/6/14 4:29 P

What on the weekends triggers your overeating? Have you talked to your husband about him eating junk food in front of you (which I infer from your post may be the case)? I've found I eat more on the weekends, but I've been balancing it out by being far more active, in most cases hiking for 1 1/2 - 2 hours a day. Gives me tons of wiggle room for eating out and fun stuff.

Do you often go out on the weekends? Try to time how much you walk as compared to your regular day and track it. It's a heck of a lot easier when you realize the difference in activities. Also, if you restaurant has nutrition facts, check them before you leave and have a short list of things you plan on eating there. It helps to keep you from going overboard when you get there. Hope that helps anyway!

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4/6/14 3:52 P

I might need to join this club after eating bacon two days in a row for the weekend..... emoticon

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4/6/14 1:29 P

Try to identify what the cause of the struggle is, if you can. Like, your husband might have a habit of offering you food; the kids might keep munchable foods lying around all over the house, and so on. Try to break the task down into smaller and hopefully solvable problems.

4/6/14 12:05 P

Less structure on the weekend, can make it more difficult.
Usually having a "stronger" plan for the weekend can help.
Preplan your meals for when you may be dining out. What are the lower calorie choices at the restaurant.
If you know that the family will be watching a movie--then have a plan for your snack.

If you share your particular struggles---we may be able to help more.
your SP Registered Dietitian

DDONOVA Posts: 27
4/6/14 12:00 P

So, M-Th when everyone is out of the house I eat well. Fri-Sun (when husband and kids are around) it's a constant struggle. Suggestions?

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