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11/19/13 8:48 P

This site, our members and our experts cannot access your medical needs. It would be best if you have this discussion with your physician who can determine the appropriate course of treatment.

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11/19/13 8:31 P

I would ask your doctor before taking a supplement like that.

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11/19/13 2:38 P

I had never heard of this before your post. I checked reviews and they are good but I also checked webmd and for myself, I might hold off on this until I get more info.
It also says the success they have had using it (which is apparently not as a dietary supplement though they don't say how) has been on postmenopausal women.....
Who knows, it could be great. I will definitely be keeping my eye on this product.

AQUARISUN Posts: 121
11/19/13 12:00 P

Has any women tried this bone maker? I am not even 30 yet(Will be in couple of months), but I have osteoporosis. What happens is my pituitary gland isn't always communicating with my ovaries. (Like I will cramp, but that Aunt Red doesn't always come). I read some good reviews on amazon and drugstore but feels more personal if someone told me what they think?

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