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1/27/13 12:23 P

I have the same prob. I try not to isolate muscles when working on my arms, e.g. do very little curls exercises - I do lots of planks, push ups and chin ups, and I see positive improvements in my arms strength

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1/27/13 11:22 A

Many people (women especially) have weak arms compared to their legs. SP has a lot of exercises to help strengthen your arms.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
1/27/13 9:17 A

I like the idea of carrying weights (rather than the wrist ones, actually).
Also, just about any arm/shoulder exercise you do will eventually result in stronger muscles, I'd think

1/26/13 8:50 P

Since muscles are syngeristic the more muscle you recruit to a single exercise the stronger you will get. Loss the isolation exercises and do full body and compound movement exercises instead. Continue with whatever kind of pushup you can do, do standing presses, standint rows with cables coming up from the floor pulley, standing pull downs with cables. You can adapt resistance bands to the last two if you have an anchor point. Do no more than 6 to 8 repetitions for 3 sets to begin, when you can do 3 X 8 increase the resistance.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/26/13 7:59 P

check the sparks videos for some good workouts for your arms. bicep curls are good. tricep kick backs are good too.

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1/26/13 3:05 P

I am the oppiste with my arms are strong and legs weak.

LUCKYNUMBER23 SparkPoints: (12,425)
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1/25/13 1:37 P

start with girl push-ups and then move up. You might want to do some of SparkPeople 10 minute vidoes for your arms. I find them very good.

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1/25/13 11:56 A

At Walmart, I found some angled push up stands (Gold's Gym Brand I think). I do ok with push ups, well, the modified push ups anyway. I can do at least 10 modified pushups. I can do more if I really push myself, but then I can really feel it in my abs. The pushups are good for the triceps, chest and core.

Try using the workout generator (
) and look for some upper body workouts. As someone else suggested, you could incorporate these into your walks. If you have an iphone (or something where you can put apps onto your phone), look up free workout apps. I have a couple on my iphone (Sworkit and Jefit both free ones). I haven't used them yet. Of course, I haven't had it all that that long.

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1/25/13 11:16 A

Have you thought of carrying small weights while you walk? You could do bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, overhead press, etc while you walk.

I'm the same way. My legs are very strong, but my arms and shoulders are super weak. Start slow with a variety of upper body exercises and add on weight regularly.
When I started working out 8 weeks ago, I could barely do 6 reps of the overhead press with only 10 pounds. Now I'm up to 2 sets of 12 with 40 pounds! I do that, bench press, rows, triceps, biceps, lat pull downs. I also try to hold a plank position for as long as I can several times a week and do some knee pushups.

My goal is to be able to do 10 real pushups...I still can't do one full one all the way to the ground and back up.

I can definitely see some more definition and tone in my arms and keep increasing the weight I'm lifting whenever it starts to get easy to do all 12 reps. Keep it up and you'll start to see results!

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,278)
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1/25/13 10:09 A

I agree with heavier weights with fewer reps. And the best way to be able to do push ups is to practice, practice, practice!

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/25/13 10:06 A

Use weights that fatigue you in 8-12 reps. If you really, really want to go for strength, the "traditional" wisdom is to use weights that are heavy enough to fatigue you in 2-5 reps. Bench press, bent over rows, overhead press, all good for the arms. You can start using the wall for pushups, then work your way to modified floor pushups, then full pushups as well.

L-RIOT Posts: 349
1/25/13 9:02 A

I walk a lot, like 60+ miles a week. My issue is that my arms are weak and wimpy! I can't do 10 push ups, cannot! What are some good dumbbell moves to do? What can I do?

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