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Stretching after Swimming

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Posts: 73
1/20/13 9:37 A

Thanks all for your help. I will definitely try these stretches. And no, 56 is not old, but I attended high school before Title 9 was passed and there were no sports for girls except cheerleading. I feel like I missed something fun.

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Posts: 350
1/19/13 3:08 P

56 isn't old.....

Posts: 2,349
1/19/13 2:12 P

These are my after-swim pool stretches:
Lift leg onto the wall of pool as high as you can for hamstring stretch

Lean against pool edge, with elbows bent, and one leg below and other behind you for a calf stretch ( See SP video on leg stretches for example of this one)

Walk out as deep as you can against the pool edge, up to your neck. Face end of pool with one arm bent at elbow on the pool wall, and the other arm extended out into the water. Now lean into the arm to stretch out one shoulder at a time, with your hand onto the wall. This shoulder stretch can be done in any doorway or corner wall.

While on back in the shallow water, lift your chest up, put your head back so water covers ears but not your face. Stretch arms above your head as straight and as far behind as you are able. Kick as little as possible from the thigh to help hold your torseu and legs. Holding your breath helps you to remain afloat since that bouys up your chest. This is a great shoulder/arm stretch.

Standing by pool wall in shallow water, do feet circles. Do likewise with wrists and shoulders turning them as far in circles as they will go. Do about twenty each for feet, wrist, and shoulders.

There are many more, but this gives you an idea to get started. It is simple, just take as many land stretches as you can and adjust them to the water! Be creative with it!

I love doing stretching in the pool because I love being in the water! It is cold once you are wet and get out on the deck!

Posts: 33,498
1/19/13 1:22 P

Why don't you want to stretch out of the pool? Some stretches are best performed with your head low, or sitting down, so they would be impossible in a pool!

I think this is the link Nancy meant to paste:

Any stretches can be performed in the pool. Just remember to stretch the muscles you've used, which in swimming is pretty much all of them! :)

Aim for shoulders, neck/back, abdominal obliques, quads, calves and hams at the very least.

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Posts: 46,222
1/19/13 12:58 P


While I do not have knowledge of specific stretches you are referring to, I did locate a daily stretching routine here on the SparkPeople site that you may be able to do in the pool.

Just a thought...(see link below). I hope this helps!

If you go to page 214 you will find the code you can plug in

Coach Nancy

Posts: 73
1/19/13 9:50 A

I am hoping someone can recommend stretches that I can do in the pool after I am finished swimming. My usual swim is 1100 yards. It leaves me feeling a little tight and I need to stretch but do not want to do that out of the pool. I am older and never had the opportunity to be on a swim team. (It was for boys only) My swim is mostly freestyle, some breaststroke, and a little bit of backstroke. Thank you.

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