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3/7/12 2:49 P

He he! Great idea with the stickers! Bet it's great for motivation! Good luck on reaching your goal this month! emoticon
I ought to implement something like that too, and on about every chore i have! emoticon Lately, the only schedule i managed to stick to is my 5K Your Way running schedule! I had thought of doing a calendar so i can keep track of everything, from working out to learning dutch, but so far i've been procrastinating quite shamelessly! emoticon

3/7/12 12:05 P

Oh I can relate with that relief. Good luck with finding a new, better job! I do the tennis ball on my back for my shoulder, I pretty much just lay on it!

I hear you on not getting out enough. Alot of times I think, hey I rode this week, then I realize it was last week. That's why I have a calendar now and track my rides with times, etc. I even give myself stickers. Corny but it works. I get a sticker for every 30 minutes of riding/working out. This month I'm shooting for 60 stickers lol.

3/4/12 6:13 A

Thanks a lot! :D I was planning on going to yoga again starting this month; i'm glad to see that'll help with my cycling too! I think i may be having this problem also because i haven't been working out for a few months... life got in the way, again... I kept cycling but only about once every 2-3 weeks or so and i think there was too much time in-between the rides and too little working out so every ride must have been a tour de force for my muscles! But i'm happily unemployed now, and honestly it's a relief (never thought i'd say that), i really needed a break after 4 years in a job i had come to hate. I've decided to take it slowly with the job searching for a few weeks at least, and take the time to go to the gym and get fit and do something for myself for once... I just found a gym that has an unlimited 5 in 1 subscription at an unbelievable price (basically you get unlimited access to 5 courses for the price of one!), so i'm very excited to try it out. It's mostly a pilates - yoga place, so it should help with the strength training too, so hopefully things will get better in a few weeks!

I'm gonna try the tennis ball massage too, i heard about it before and that it really works. Only reason i haven't tried it before was that i have tiles on all my floors, so the surface is really hard. But i'll give it a try anyway and see what happens... maybe it'll be better if i use 2 fitness mats instead of 1.

3/3/12 7:27 P

Hi, I practice yoga every day and one pose that helps me with riding is the pigeon pose.

Maybe if they did a page they could include this one if they did a stretching guide coach Dean? There are a couple of different modifications that can be done for people with bad knees or poor flexibility but it really targets the glutes and other muscles that get tight with cycling (psoas is involved in one modification). I agree, it's hard to target the right stretch for cycling.

I second myofascial release. Oh does it feel goooodddd!

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3/3/12 6:14 P

Hi, Andra

Those lower body stretches in the running article should help with cycling, too. But if you do long rides, you may also need to give some extra attention to stretching the low back area and hips--tightness there can cause pain/fatigue in the legs--and any other problem spots you experience, like upper back/neck, or even feet and hands. One thing that's helped me add time and distance to my cycling has been doing regular yoga poses--especially those in the Sun Salutation:

I also tend to have tightness or soreness in my illio-tibial band (along the outside of my thighs/hips) after long rides, and I use a technique called "self-myofacial release" to deal with that problem. You can google that term for details and photos, but basically it involves applying pressure to sore spots, by laying on a foam roller (or tennis ball, etc) until the tightness releases (it's not much fun, but it works :). Also, self-massaging tight areas can help a lot.

Hope this helps.

Coach Dean

3/3/12 1:59 P


I started running for the first time last spring, and this Spark article (
) with stretches for runners was a real help. I really love the feeling i get after doing these stretches after a (for me) long run.

I was just wondering if Spark could do a similar article with stretches for cyclists... I love to go cycling in the countryside, usually for 3 - 6 hours and on country (dirt) roads, and i think some stretching would really help with the fatigue, especially for the legs. Unfortunately, i don't really know what stretches i should do, and all i've found on this topic on Spark is a spark-team post describing 3 stretches. I've tried doing those after cycling today, but they're pretty complicated and i can't tell if i'm doing them right (some pictures would be helpful). I saw no difference in the way my muscles feel, and i didn't feel the stretch in my legs, so i guess i must be doing something wrong...


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