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12/1/13 7:03 P

What works for me (and I have lower back trouble) and what was recommended to me by my personal trainer:

Get a stability ball (Walmart has them for about $8. Sit on it with feet flat on the floor and walk out so that you end up with the stability ball at mid back. Keep feet flat on floor, reach arms out and stretch.

Does wonders for me when I'm hurting!


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11/29/13 3:27 P


It sounds like you just need to sit back and take a break. Standing all day in a kitchen preparing a meal is rough on a person's back. I know you'd like to do some stretching, but some poses might just make things worse.

Try taking it easy for a couple of days. You might try having a nice hot shower. Some times the steam can help achy muscles relax.

And get your hubby to massage your back. nothing like a nice rub down to relax the muscles.

11/29/13 11:34 A

I also don't feel comfortable giving advice too specifically as what works for one person's back could actually injure someone else.

Here's my advice, though, but always start small and don't do anything that feels in any way painful!!

When my back is feeling tight, I like to stand with my feet about hip distance apart, with as good posture as I can (neck over shoulders over hips) and then slowly lower my head toward my chest while trying to keep my back as still as possible. There will always be a little bit of spinal movement, but try not to move the back and just press the head down (NOT WITH YOUR HANDS, JUST WITH YOUR MUSCLES) into the stretch down your upper back.

The other I do is just lie on a semi-hard surface (the floor of my bedroom has carpeting) and I reach my arms up as high as I can like I'm stretching between two panes of glass.

Hope that helps!!

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11/29/13 6:54 A

"tired and sore" stressed backs are a tad scary to give suggestions about. I just really do not want to be responsible for making matters any worse for you! (I guess I'm not alone in feeling this way since you have not gotten any replies..)

What I would consider safe suggestion are those given to me by my physiotherapist; Move gently. Do what feels good for you body. Never lean into a painful stretch.

Gentle massage can help increase blood-flow to the area to loosen tight muscles and help with healing any micro-tears, but again, _nothing_ you do should be painful.

Do see a professional about this if it lasts for days or becomes a frequent issue. (Mine has helped me heaps!) Take care.

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11/28/13 4:12 P

I did my regular workout today and I did a yoga stretch routine for back after (15 min)

I worked all day cooking and baking and washing dishes and now the middle of my back is tired and sore.
I found the yoga routine that I did today really relaxing and, since I am new to yoga, I don't know if it would be something I could do again to relax my back.
I have no spinal or skeletal issues, it's just that my back is stressed from all the Thanksgiving prep today. My spine is feeling a bit "compacted" if you can understand that.
Can anyone tell me whether it is a good idea to do some stretching or have you any other suggestions for me...I am totally open to suggestions.

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