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7/4/14 8:11 P

There are always going to be people who do more, spend more, party more....
Quit comparing yourself - and your events - to others.

You need to take care of you.
If this friends is causing you so much stress, step away. She really doesn't act like my close friends act, that's for sure!

7/2/14 10:22 P

Sorry for my vent. We are having a small wedding on a tight budget. I was excited at first. I'm probably the only one out of my circle who does not have children or married. I've been to all my friends celebrations. So when I got in engaged everyone was excited; finally!! One of close friends was suppose to renew her vows for the last 3yrs. She canceled it. Not intill I started with my wedding plans she decided to renew her vows.. I wanted to take my time now I feel rushed. I don't feel so in to it anymore. How do I stop this these negative thoughts? I'm usually not bothered. Do I keep my ideas to myself. Want to stress eat so bad!!!

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