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10/4/12 5:07 P

My children are my motivation to work beyond the exhaustion-- I am 10 weeks PP and am averaging about 4 -5(if Im lucky) hours of sleep and I still get my butt out of bed by 0430. I am going to keep on doing that for as long as it takes me at least 4 days a week!! -I give myself weekends off since dont have to go to work--those are my sleep in and recover days so I get about 8 hours :) You can do this if you just set your mind to it!! The easiest way is to not give yourself the option make it part of your daily routine like bathing, cooking, working,just add working out and eating right!!! -- emoticon

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10/4/12 2:40 P

I've been there. First, get on the scale and face up to the numbers. Then keep your head high and learn from the mistake. We ALL make mistakes. The only thing we can do is learn from them. Look back at the situation (but don't dwell!) and ask your self what you could have done better and what you would have done differently. Life is just one big lesson and so it the weight loss process! Just keep trucking and don't give up!! We can do this!! : )

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10/4/12 2:13 P

Thanks guys! I did get on the elliptical for 30minutes and now after reading the posts, will grab some water. Your good mojo and empathy helped a lot!

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10/4/12 8:37 A

I can sympathize.
My life is full of stress at the moment.

However, it makes me determined to stay on track - because otherwise things will really fall apart. If I don't eat well and exercise, the stress will impact me more than it already does.

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10/4/12 8:34 A

I do exactly what you do - so don't beat yourself up. However, you can't continue like this so make the commitment to do some things to get yourself back on track - sleep and drinking water for example. Once you do a few days of those sticking to your other goals feels much more manageable

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10/4/12 8:07 A

Hi Courtney,

Stress is a part of many of our lives but it does not have to be a derailment in you meeting your goals. We can't change what has past, however, we are in control of what we do today and what we do in the future. It is in time of adversity that allow us to actually learn how to develop healthy habits. Take time to reflect on what happened and then see if you can determine what actions you could have taken to do things differently. This is how we learn to make this journey we are on a lifestyle and not just another diet to lose weight.


Coach Nancy

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10/4/12 8:01 A

“Begin today. Declare outloud to the universe that you are willing to let go of struggle and eager to learn through joy.”–(Sarah Ban Breathnach)

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” — George Bernard Shaw

Life does have it's ups and downs, focus on what IS working in your life and make each choice one that leads in the direction of your dreams. One step at a time. emoticon

Deep breath, release stress, move forward. You have my empathy.

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10/4/12 7:40 A

This week has been particularly stressful with work and family obligations. I have not taken care of myself, slept very little, enjoyed the extra activity with the kids but feel physically and emotionally exhausted. How do others push through that because I don't even want to get on the scale and deal with the results of my in attention!

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