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JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
3/18/13 10:12 A

It really depends on the situation for me.

Some stresses now, I can easily deal with and move on. These are my little ones.

Big stressors, like planning a wedding and moving and everything, well, I haven't had to deal with those since I have started eating healthy (which is lucky me!)

Sounds like you are doing all the right things. With some things, now, I am just trying to think. Not overthing. If there is nothing that I can do to control it, then I pray. Walk, and etc. I think to see if there is anything I can do. If I can, I do it.

JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
3/18/13 9:59 A

How do you handle stress??? This is how I handle things

Ok, I have been keeping my cool pretty darn good... I have 14 more weeks before my wedding,
We just sold my fiance's home in 1 day... so NOW, we have to house search as well as finishing stuff for the wedding.. How stressful can this be???

God has got this and so do I.. Actually, I would normally sooo overeat or just eat because of being anxious. BUT, The home we are searching for is going to be OUR home, and my first home ever to buy, We get to create the surroundings I have always dreamed of and the new memories of a home to go with it.. I never felt comfy in "his" home because I moved in with him and that is where him and his ex lived for 14years... I really never felt as if it was any part of mine and the fact half of my stuff is still packed in boxes in the garage in the attic.

How do I handle this? Praying, working out by walking the dogs or hitting my extra zumba classes. Not only will it help me get to the weight goal for my wedding but it has really made me put things in perspective of what is going on.. My fiance is totally wonderful, he notices me starting to get anxious, worried or a bit excited he calmly holds me and tell me things will be ok and not to stress and when the realtor tells me, he laughs at me and tells me... seee I TOLD YOU SO! oOO YEAH, we have those cute teasing moments all the time! LOL

Stressing only brings about feelings of the unknown and what we don't know.. for a lot we ALL have to know things.. what if this, what if that.. how about this or that? What's going to happen you say?? WHAT! Seriously? That's when we just take a deep breath and I have really learned to go off the cuff and with my fiance keeping me focused, and it keeps me soo focused that for our honeymoon to get over this fear, we have decided just to plan on the 2 states we wish to visit with NO plans or NO hotel reservations, we are totally going off the cuff there and for that and everything new going on now, I say BRING IT ON!!!

I bring myself into a new feeling of the stress and I FORCE myself to face it (Which I never done before) I ask myself "what is the worst thing ever going to happen" Ok, we can live on the street.. ummm nooo you have tents LOLOL

Really, its the unknown, but now, I totally look forward to this as a new adventure and situation of I CAN HANDLE THIS AND BRING IT ON!!! I finally look forward to things not even caring of "whats the worse thing that can happen" The fears that we face are completely gone and a new confidence is totally awaiting me to break out and by the end it will and a new me with a new attitude of I CAN HANDLE THINGS NOW!! Instead of hiding.... hiding behind food.

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