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5/30/14 8:18 A

There does seem to be a link between the hormones released in times of stress, mainly cortisol, and weight gain, although I don't know if anyone has proven it's a causative link. It certainly doesn't help. There are multitudes of ways stress could cause a person to consume more calories and not know it. I agree that strictly tracking your calories would help, and don't give up the exercise, you need that for stress relief.

Good luck to you and you have my sympathies. I have a stressful job and sometimes I have to really restrain myself from grabbing food and mindlessly eating out of anger or anxiety.

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5/30/14 6:59 A

Stress fat? Pffft! Your body isn't creating the extra weight out of nothing. (Sorry, don't mean to sound harsh)

I think the poster who commented that when we are stressed we may make less wise eating decisions really hit the nail on the head, whether that is turning to comfort food more often, choosing meals based on convenience rather than health. Perhaps tracking your food for a week or two may help identify where the extra calories are coming from?

Perhaps try a kickboxing workout video for exercise - really great stress relief?

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5/29/14 10:57 A

Stress weight? You mean you are eating more as a result of having stress in your life. You definitely need to track your food and follow some kind of eating plan if you aren't.

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5/29/14 10:27 A

Everyone has given you good advice about eating, tracking, exercising, etc. But if stress is really a problem for you, I would also recommend meditation. It won't burn calories, but it will help you handle the junk life throws at you. Since you do yoga, you are probably already familiar with at least the concept. It really helps me.

Good luck!

5/29/14 9:23 A

When I am stressed I tend to make less than wise food choices. So tracking your food does two things for you 1) lets you actually see what is going on 2) gives you a sense of control over something. If I can plan my food and exercise out ahead of time it helps me feel less stressed.

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5/29/14 8:26 A

The previous poster has given you some good advice. Do you track your food daily? The majority of your weight loss progress is going to come from diet, so it's important to be sure you're making healthy food choices. I would also encourage you to join SparkPeople's Stress Busting Challenge:

Hope that helps!

Coach Jen

5/29/14 7:58 A

Only two ways to lose weight: eat less and exercise more. Suspect it's your food intake you need to look at - the Nutrition Tracker is very helpful with this. Do you weigh and enter everything you eat? Good Luck

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5/29/14 7:32 A

Hello all, I eat fairly well and exercise several times a week doing a multitude of things and I also do yoga. When I started sparkpeople I weighed about 160lbs last year. I am currently 187lbs. I believe most of it is stress weight. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it stop or how to deal with it? I've had tests done and it's not thyroid or food allergy related weight. I really need help, the more weight I am gaining the more I am stressing out and I recently got hurt at work and was let go, so it's been three months without a job for me also. HELP please, I would love any suggestion on how to manage this stress especially when the exercise is not proving to be a good outlet.

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