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12/21/11 10:45 A

deep breaths and family support!

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12/20/11 6:48 P

Meditation has really been helping me to cope with stress. My website about health/fitness/diet and lots of other topics too.
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12/10/11 9:41 A

We have made major changes at work which has created a lot of stress. I caught a cold, first one in 5 years. I got a stress headache that I thought was going to (or wishing it would) kill me. That is part of the reason I set a goal for running more this month, well, that and Christmas cookies! Some stress is a good thing, it does a lot of good for us. Just another example of things that are needed in moderation!

Hope you get through your quickly!

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12/9/11 10:30 A

You're right Bill! I exercise in the morning when I wake up, and it is like a positive-feeling drug for me. I can't imagine how BAD I would feel if I were still doing what I did 3 years ago: staying up late, eating a bag of chips, and not exercising!

Thank God I changed that equation!

Thanks for the support......

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12/9/11 9:17 A

Amen to that. I've been under unusually high stress for the past 4 weeks and it's definitely sucked. Like you, I have a stressful job on normal days, but I have unusually high stress temporarily due to one or two events that are being worked through. My response has been to step up my training. After a rough day, hitting the iron hard or a nice hard run does amazing things for me. It's almost like a drug. So while my days still suck, my evenings suck less. heh.

But yes, reducing the stress is always a goal. It's amazing to me, my work hours creep up insidiously just like my weight. More work = more stress = more fat.

It's just another aspect to constantly monitor and manage. Sometimes it gets away from me.

Good luck to you.

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12/9/11 8:24 A

Amazing what stress can do to a person.

I have a pretty decent level of stress in my job at all times, but the past couple of weeks have been at a far higher than normal level for me. I've kept up on exercising and proper nutrition, so while I have done the right stuff, at work I feel like a 90-year old guy walking around the office! At lower stress times since I started working on fitness health I have been feeling like a 25-30ish age guy! (I am in early 40's).

Stress is a part of life, I guess- can't wait to work through and be done w/ it again at the acute level! Hopefully soon.

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