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3/6/13 8:43 A

Thank you SP_Coach_Nancy for sharing stress eating is like having a tantrum. It changed my prospective. Now when I have that urged to eat to nurish my feelings I can say get a grip! I have never put up with tantrums from my daughter so I can't allow myself to have one.

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3/5/13 7:21 P

Amen to your comments which are so true about stress eating. I especially liked how you mentioned that the weight came on slowly, so it will go off slowly. Patience is truly one of my flaws which is one of the reasons why I have been struggling with reaching a healthy weight for over 10 years. However, since I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure I realize that "Slow and steady does win the race."

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3/5/13 11:20 A

I find that I do not do the 20 minute rule where I eat a snack and wait 20 minutes to see if I am full. Sometimes I want my snack and I want it now. The only thing that works for me is planning. I eat what I planned first and then eat above if I really feel like it. Stress eating can be very hard to control. emoticon

STALEYK SparkPoints: (255,087)
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3/5/13 5:45 A

This is a journey...seems like I am learning all kinds of things about myself. Didn't realize I was a stress eater. Didn't realize how much I mindlessly eat. Then learning what to do when I catach myself in one of these modes. I get over one hurdle and then I discover another one in the way. Interesting to learn about myself. It's never fast enough...and then I have to remind myself it didn't happen over night it was a steady process...and it's going to take a steady process to get where I want to go.

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CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
3/5/13 5:03 A

Stress eating is one of my troubles

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
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3/4/13 8:44 P

Oh, Michelle... emoticon ...

...because what you're doing makes good sense in that exercise does burn calories, but if we get into that cycle (and I'm very, very familiar with it!) of trying to undo calories consumed with minutes of various exercises, it's a balance sheet that never seems to balance - an endless, hopeless, frustrating, and anxiety-provoking cycle...

I guess everybody has different ways of dealing with this, but I really had to see eating and exercising as two different things, even if they *are* interrelated. By that I mean eating is one very separate area from exercising, and as I track what I do each day, I have to track them separately. I have to banish it from my mind that if I exercise enough, it'll "undo" whatever I've eaten. That was a very tough habit to break, but it definitely can be done.

And you're being way too mean to yourself by using exercise to punish yourself with for what you've eaten on a given day...and we don't thrive at all when we're so self-punitive...

It was my own experience that tracking what I ate and staying within the guidelines of my eating plan was more important, weight-loss wise, than the exercise component. But that's just me...and my two cents.

Mainly, I just wanted to let you know you're not alone, and that you owe it to yourself not to get into that energy-robbing, hope-sapping cycle...

MICHELLE77301 SparkPoints: (7,704)
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3/4/13 5:39 P

I do good and then I do, then I even punish myself with vigorous physical activity. I must stop this vicious cycle. HELP!!!!!

MRSG942011 Posts: 464
3/4/13 3:55 P

Good job! Putting the 2 back shows discipline. Stay strong and be encouaged that we all have bad days and comfort foods.

GRAMIAM1 SparkPoints: (127)
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3/3/13 2:25 P

I just started the program outlined i The Hunger Fix by Dr. Pamela Peeke. It is about overcoming stress eating and food addiction.I am 3 weeks into the program and so far have not brought any of my trigger foods into my house. True I did eat 1 piece of cake at one of the facilities I go to for my work. But in essence not having these foods in my house has kept me from indulging in them.I have adapted Dr Oz's energy bar recipe to be my healthy fix when I hit that. 3 p.m. crash. or craze sweets at night.Not saying it has been easy. But I need to break the cycle and get healthy for me. I have amended the recipe to include a extra dark chocolate chips ans a few sunflower seeds or pepitas. Yummy and healthy. Good luck to you.

MONKEYSHINE5 SparkPoints: (70,801)
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2/28/13 6:18 P


MINDBEND SparkPoints: (30,258)
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2/28/13 11:47 A

Good job! Another thing that would help is to not keep any junk food in the house. I have a weakness for cupcakes and chocolate and all things good but I keep very little junk food around.

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
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2/28/13 8:51 A

YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! know what just leaped off the screen for me when I read your post? That you ACTUALLY PUT BACK those extra two Oreos!!

That is a major, MAJOR accomplishment! And look how you took that walk AND a shower, too - I say well DONE!! Both in losing my weight and keeping it off, no foods have been off limits. I just make appropriate spaces for them in my eating plan, and I'm still tracking what I eat. That's been really key.

You're to be congratulated, NIKEGRL688! emoticon

2/27/13 11:19 A

What's interesting to me is that you said that stress drove you to eat "oreos and milk." Oreos are yummy chocolate things, and milk is a well known food to consume if you are having trouble sleeping. (Warm milk before bed and all that.)

You know what I think, and this is just a stab in the dark here, I think your brain wanted a little serotonin rush. Look up chocolate and its effect on neurotransmitters. You might find that your cravings are your brain's way of stabilizing your moods.

I occasionally get chocolate cravings when I'm stressed. So, I keep a little high quality, organic, dark chocolate around for emergencies. Just one little square of that stuff will help with those times when my brain wants a kick of serotonin.

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LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,597)
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2/27/13 10:08 A

This whole healthy lifestyle thing is indeed a journey. From my vantage point, I think you did great! You did better than I probably would have. You did all those other things FIRST and then decided, Okay - yep; I want that cookie! And you stopped at three!
In my book, that's a woo-hoo moment.

Just account for it in your calories and congratulate yourself for making progress. Before, you probably never would have been so deliberate and thoughtful and pro-active prior to consuming some cookies, and you would have had way more than three.

Looks like progression to me.
Way to go!

Eventually, these episodes will happen less frequently. And when they do occur, you will be more thoughtful about it, like you just were.


ACHIEVE2012 SparkPoints: (5,176)
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2/27/13 9:43 A

You are trying and were able to even put back 2 cookies. It is definitely better than giving in completely. You recognized that binging was not the answer to your stress issues.

Howsoever calming it might feel to beat stress with that soulful cookie, it actually makes you feel worst later. Make yourself realize that the cookies did calm you but the cookies did not fix the original problem that caused the stress to begin with. Your mind finally let it go. So it is only a matter of finding a substitute for the cookies or any other food that you might turn to during stress to calm you down.

Sometimes, other things don’t work because we condition our minds into thinking that those cookies/PB/whatever else is the only thing that will help, that we even deserve to have it with all the stress that we are experiencing. Walk away and tell yourself that food is not the answer. Food is there to feed your body not your mind. Don’t be overly strict with food choices at other normal times. That way nothing is off limits and the forbidden food item does not become a prize during stressful times.

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
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2/27/13 8:49 A


Allow yourself some time to replace old habits with new ones. And give yourself credit for putting the extra two oreos back, that is a step in the right direction.

A few weeks ago I listened to a really great webinar on nutrition and changing behavior led by Kara Mohr and in this presentation she stated that we need to treat cravings like a two year old's temper tantrum..."Craving are like temper tantrums, you should not give in, doing so will increase your desire, intensity and urge every time." So what do you ride the wave. You step away from the kitchen and do all the things that you did. Just remember though, every time the craving urge hits you may have to do those same things you did the first time, until you no longer have the desire.

I know for me, when I was early on in my journey, I could not have trigger foods in the house, so I never brought them home. The reason, my desire far exceeded my will to walk away. If you feel you need to eat something, have some fruit ready to go when the craving hits.

Just remember too that healthy living does not equate to PERFECT living. Every task you take to move you in the direction of healthy living is moving you closer to your goals.

Be well!

Coach Nancy

NIKEGRL688 SparkPoints: (25,264)
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2/27/13 8:41 A

When I was stressed before I started Spark people, I would binge on like 10 oreos and PB...I could not control myself on how much I ate until I was sick from it.
Lastnight was overly stressful for me so I had three oreos and milk. I ate slow and actually put back the extra two oreos I got out. I am trying to be better but I find it so hard to not eat when I am stressing. Before the cookies, I went for a walk, I took a shower (clears my mind), I cleaned and I drank water. Nothing helped but the cookies calmed me and I was able to let it go.

I know thats wrong but I am trying. Does that make it better?

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