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ALLORAVENTRICE SparkPoints: (10,544)
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2/21/13 11:51 P

I wouldn't worry too much about the overeating when it's just that amount. You at least over did it in a good way. You didn't eat 3 pounds of gummy bears or three cases of oreos. So I wouldn't freak too much. If you stress out too much then you may end up making a worse choice next time PERHAPS. I don't want you to think I'm downing you, but I know I stress eat and when I stress about my stress eating it gets worse and snowballs. You're doing great and I'm sure your friends and family are proud of you!

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 54,432
2/21/13 9:52 P

I am sorry you felt so bad about eating that - 123 calories and 4g of fats is probably not going to even slow you down. You do NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT - you are HUMAN and HUMANS make choices about what they eat and sometimes imperfect choices are OKAY - you will do great if that is your worst slip up.

SMCS28 SparkPoints: (6,956)
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2/21/13 9:42 P

with how small your emotional eating was, I think you've WON! My emotional eating would include a 12 pack of beer, a bag of chips, dip and some pepperoni sticks and jerky!

You are ahead of the game and beating your emotional eating very well! emoticon emoticon

IRISHFANUH87 Posts: 1,038
2/21/13 5:08 P

I think we all have those days where we are stressed and want to eat to feel better, and frankly you did awesome! You should be able to make up for those extra calories.

LARRIA Posts: 73
2/20/13 10:20 P

This is one of my downfalls... I'm doing the official stress busting challenge to help me get it under control.

JESSIM1 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/20/13 9:16 P

3 cups of popcorn? You could have done SO much worse than that.... I assume it wasn't the greasy buttery movie theater stuff, right? Already you are ahead of the game. Every day is a new day and a chance to do everything the way we intend to. I once read that 65% is a passing grade, and not everyone can score 100% on every exam, but if you get things right 65% or more of the time, you are ahead of the game. Forgive your one boo-boo and move on. If it becomes a daily habit - or you eat an entire family-size bag of chips every day - then REALLY worry. Otherwise? Keep on keeping on. =)

PS -stress eating is my downfall. That is why I try to avoid buying stuff that I LOVE (like Doritos and stuff like that) but if they do jump into my basket when I shop, I make sure its the smallest size I can get. Smallest size, littlest damage, easiest to come back from.

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LVELVETJ SparkPoints: (389)
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2/19/13 5:43 P

I am thoroughly familiar with emotional eating. I understand your guilt, but I want to tell you that you really shouldn't feel so bad at all. There are WAY worse foods and WAY more calories you could've taken in. It's been about a month since I last binged and ate out of emotions and I have had days where I have inhaled an extra 700 or so calories than I should've. I would've loved to have binged on popcorn! I advise you to leave your popcorn spluge in the past where it belongs because you can't do anything about it now. Bear in mind that you are a work in progress and that you WILL slip up from time to time. Be patient with yourself and consider other activities the next time your stressed. Believe me, there will be another moment of stress.

CANDEE9 SparkPoints: (33,433)
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2/19/13 10:35 A

From what I have read on here, you can make up an overage by eating a bit less the next day or with the week of the program. You are strong if you have been doing well for a month. That is great!!! Try not to feel bad....stress eating is hard to over come at times. By the way, 3 cups of popcorn is a good snack to chose when you are overcome with stress.

BOUTTIME24 SparkPoints: (13,855)
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2/18/13 7:40 P

I could see how you'd be a little stressed. How long is his deployment? Just think, when he comes home he'll be able to see all the progress you've made and how hard you've worked to become a healthier (and sexier) you! Just remember that every little bit of progress is still progress so keep up the good work and move on after a setback

NANABELLASOPHIE SparkPoints: (3,091)
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2/18/13 6:29 P

I'm going to do an extended Yoga class to compensate for the overage. You all are familiar...I am work so hard and results are slow to come. Thanks for pushing me along. My husband is deployed and I sure wish he was here sometimes.

AGOALOF150 Posts: 217
2/18/13 5:54 P

I agree, you could have done a lot worst. Look back and see if there was a specific reason you did that? Were you stressed? upset? what were you feeling? Make note of it mentally and move forward. Don't beat yourself up. The journey is not about being perfect, its about understanding we are not perfect and working to improve ourselves as we go along.

BOUTTIME24 SparkPoints: (13,855)
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2/18/13 5:54 P

You recognized your mistake now its time to move on. The cool thing about our Daily Calorie Intake is they're DAILY. Start over tomorrow but don't forget today, just don't 'live" today. In other words, don't beat yourself up over it. If you're anything like me, and a lot of others, you have to allow for mistakes or you'll find yourself spiraling downward. If you're eating out of stress try redirecting that. I try to exercise or catch a quick workout when I'm stressed. Good Luck! I know you'll do great!

JESSAELINN SparkPoints: (22,119)
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Posts: 729
2/18/13 5:36 P

You didn't do too bad. I've done worse, 30 olives in one sitting one time. Bleh.
You can't take it back. Move on. Tomorrow's a new day. Make the new day fresh and keep on track one day at a time.

NANABELLASOPHIE SparkPoints: (3,091)
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Posts: 2
2/18/13 5:23 P

I have gone strong for a month. I totally binged today. I feel horrible. How can I get back on track? Nothing negative, please. I feel horrible already. **I over ate by 123 cals and 4 fats** not on anything processed or bad...but I did have 3 cups of popcorn...

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