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3/20/14 9:17 A

I tend to snack when the kids get to me as well. I think it's just a normal stress eating issue that I am constantly working to overcome. At one point, I put a sign on the fridge and cabinets that said "Stop & Think". I'd see that and then grab some water or something sensible instead of doing mindless snacking. It worked for a while, but then the sign because decoration and I ignored it because my cravings said "screw that sign, I want ice cream". I'm working to become more conscious about my eating, especially when the kids get to me. I'm still a work in progress.

3/18/14 1:59 P

I can definitely relate to this. I have 2 kids (4 and 2) and my 4 year old daughter is very difficult and I get very stressed dealing with her and there are so many days that after dealing with her and then chasing around my 2 year old son on top of that, that I feel like I have nothing left at the end of the day. I put them to bed, go downstairs, finish cleaning up and packing bags for the next day and typically go sit on the couch and thats where the snacking starts. I am really trying to break that habit and that's why I started logging onto the Spark again for some inspiration and ideas of how to get out of that rut. Last night I was determined to stop the vicious cycle so after I got the kids to bed, I immediately went and changed into my workout stuff and headed onto my treadmill to get a workout in. It actually worked out well that way because after a quick workout, I went back upstairs and it was still early enough to sit down with my hubby and watch a bit of tv but because of working out, I didn't have the need to snack and I just drank some water. I just really want to work on making my workouts a priority and focusing on me for that little part of the day. I think that as moms, we give soooo much of ourselves to our kids, husbands, houses, etc. that we forget about taking time for us. I know I do anyway....

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2/27/14 6:13 A

You're definitely not alone Thencalisays! When I'm stressed out - or just tired - it's so tempting for me to reach for a bag of potato chips or cheese and crackers. Like June, I had got into the bad habit of snacking on whatever I could find once my toddler (and usually my husband also!) was in bed. It seemed like a justified treat and a way for me to relax and have a bit of 'me' time after running around after my son all day. However deep down I knew it couldn't continue forever if I wanted to drop the remainder of my baby weight. So ten days ago I jumped back on the Sparkpeople site and vowed to be more accountable. Now, instead of snacking, I use the time to do one of the SP videos. I've not used them before but am finding them great as they are short but effective. I told myself I'd start slowly this time instead of promising myself I'd do 30 minutes of exercise a day and then becoming disillusioned when it wasn't possible. A 10-minute video is achievable every day and, combined with tracking, I've already lost 1.2kg. I also find that I'm far less inclined to snack after I've made the effort to do a video - even a five-minute stretching one. Also, I try to drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day and I've started brushing my teeth after dinner, which also discourages me from doing any more evening snacking. It's as if the act of brushing my teeth tells my body: 'That's it. You're done with eating for the day'! :-)

TWINMOM555 Posts: 130
2/25/14 6:15 P

I know exactly what you mean! I have three kids--they all play sports and have different schedules--and I get very stressed trying to juggle all their needs, etc. Someone has a bad day, needs lots of help with homework, and it's always multiple things at once--and I end up eating things that don't make me feel any better. I'm just now realizing that I eat when I feel stressed trying to handle all their needs--and the food never makes me feel better. So, now I try to take a deep breath, go into another room for a minute, whatever--and pay attention to what I'm doing. I try to ask myself, "How will you feel AFTER you eat that?" It's funny that I've eaten for stress and it never makes me feel better--it just numbs for a bit. I'm finally changing it--thank goodness!

CYFREE15 Posts: 248
2/20/14 3:55 P

This is me. After my 15 month old goes to sleep, I clean the kitchen, pack our bags for the next day then unwind with every available snack in the house. Working to change this habit now.

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1/28/14 10:15 A

Yes, I totally eat! This has been my case this cold harsh winter. In the past, I would just go for a long walk. Now, I hide myself in my bedroom and eat ice cream, cookies, or whatever is available. I really go for the crunchy foods because it calms me the most. I have a 6 year old that requires a lot of attention and I don't have any help with her unless I pay for a babysitter. So...I've gained 8 pounds within the last 2 1/2 months.

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1/20/14 12:44 P

I'm the opposite, I stop eating (everything) when stressed.

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1/19/14 2:19 P

has anyone else notice that they crave certain (simple carbs and sugar for me) when they are stressed with their kids? last night my daughter was really pushing all of my buttons, and all I wanted was to dig into the Christmas candy! I had a glass of water, did a few yoga poses and deep breaths. I was mostly okay then, but it is a struggle for me. anyone else out there?

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