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1/26/13 8:00 A

You are definitely NOT alone. When my DH was diagnosed with colon cancer, we'd drown our sorrows after every doctor appointment, scan, chemo, radiation treatment, surgery-- with food. While it *may* have made me feel better at the time, I don't recommend it-- I gained a lot of weight during that time period. DH ended up being cancer-free and I ended up here at Spark. Which overall I reckon is okay since I've lost the weight. But hindsight being 20/20, I wouldn't do it again.

My suggestions would be to find some activities to work off the stress-- could be a walk or some other exercise. Could be a long bath or something else relaxing-- reading, knitting, playing a game on your phone or laptop-- to soothe yourself. And if you really feel the need to do some eating, choose healthier options. I can sit down and eat a bucket full of cut-up raw vegetables for not that many calories. Fruit is higher in calories, but 2 or 3 or even 4 pieces of fruit are better, than several candy bars, a bunch of cookies, and a bag of chips. And say you just really really want mac & cheese or dumplings or whatever your go-to comfort food is-- take a look on SparkRecipes for a healthier version of your favorite, or eat a portion of that favorite as a side-item to an overall healthy dinner.

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1/25/13 10:29 A

When you are under stress, your body thinks that it needs to store up fuel for an emergency. It is perfectly natural for you to seek comfort in high carb, high fat foods.

Maybe you could refocus from foods working against you to foods working for you. There are lots of foods that are supposed to be beneficial in fighting cancer. Most of them are outrageously healthy on their own terms. Try experimenting with broccoli, leafy greens, dried beans, berries. Find some yummy recipes, so that when you visit your sister, you can bring something healthy. Try keeping a bowl of berries on the table for snacking.

I know this is stressful and painful. I am sorry. Best wishes for a complete recovery for your sister, and best wishes for you as you help her through.

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1/25/13 5:21 A

I am sorry to hear that your sister is sick.

Below is a link you may like to read re emotional eating. You are certainly not alone with this - many people do exactly this. The link will give you some tips to help you deal with it.

I wish you and your sister well,
Take care,

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1/24/13 3:23 P


I am so sorry to hear about your sister's diagnosis. Don't beat yourself up because you've turned to food for comfort. That's something anyone of us would have done in similar circumstances. I know things are stressful right now, but eating junk isn't going to help. Here's something I've learned from my own years of yo yo dieting,"if you eat crap, you're going to feel like crap".

When a person is under stress, that weakens their immune system. It breaks down their body. Now is when you must try to do your best to eat right. Your body needs those wholesome foods to stay healthy in times of stress.

And if you do feel like you run to the frig, put your coat on and take a walk. Walking is not only great cardiovascular exercise, it's a great way to reduce stress too. Try drinking a cup of tea. Tea can also help you reduce your stress. No one faults you to turn to food, but there are better things you could do instead of eating.

Be kind to yourself as you would to others.

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1/24/13 2:52 P

been off all week sister told me she has cancer so i have been very stressed out!!!! anyone else a stress eater?

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