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ARKCMOM Posts: 2,745
11/20/11 10:23 A

Same sort of thing happened to me-- was on my way home from work one day, and the PAIN
was horrible. Iced it, and decided to go to work the next day. Before I got to my 1st person it was decided for me (by the pain) that there was no way I could work- could barely walk. Saw that person, went back to the office, turned in my paper work and went to an urgent care clinic. 6 weeks later, I was back at work.

as far as the boot-- what type of boot did they give you? mine came up about halfway up my calf, had air pockets I could inflate/deflate to keep the ankle firmly supported and somewhat immobilized. Make sure they show you how to properly work the boot. How to put it on and how to inflate it. I would imagine they've given an anti inflammatory and something for pain.


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YOGABELLE Posts: 735
11/17/11 7:43 P

Thanks for the responses. I quess I just wanted some support as this is scary,scary stuff to me. I have ankle and foot. All weird to me as I do not know how it happened,only when it hurt and got unbearable. I understand rest etc and following instructions are a must. The boot ?.............any experiences with that . Mri's too? Dexiscan? thanks,Bella,

One more long was your recovery and Physical Therapy? Thanks again

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ARKCMOM Posts: 2,745
11/14/11 12:21 P

Had a stress FX in my left ankle last year. what info do you need?


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MIIMA-ME-MY Posts: 6,118
11/14/11 9:41 A

I had a heel stress fracture 2 years ago, still not back to my usual running habits... Follow Doctors instructions. No kidding with this kind of stuff!

I wish you a speedy recovery! emoticon

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,096
11/13/11 3:15 P

I have.
Your doctor will advise you when you can resume normal activities.

What sort of info are you looking for?

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YOGABELLE Posts: 735
11/13/11 11:42 A

Hi .................anyone have info or has had one? Thanks, Bella

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