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10/3/12 8:32 A

I did this too when I first joined Spark. Only do ONE at a time. Get one thing under control, like stress (sleep doesn't get better until you learn to deal with stress). Once you've got your journal and coping mechanisms in place for that, you can move on to the next thing.

Trying to do too much at once just CAUSES more stress. If you are at all like me (and it sounds like you could be), that was one of the first things I needed to learn.

You can do this. Just pace yourself. The site isn't going anywhere.

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10/3/12 3:51 A

Sometimes people sign up for too much and that puts extra pressure on us. If you find that it is causing undue stress, then perhaps taking a step back from feeling compelled to do these challenges and find something else that isn't so demanding. It is a case of balancing your life, emotionally and physically - you aren't getting balance if you are feeling compelled and it is adding stress.


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10/3/12 1:36 A


Can you maybe set ten minutes aside right before bed to do the points things? That's what I try to do. If I realize I forgot a goal, but know I did it, I just add it in the next day.

You can't go back and get those spark points, but the important things are meeting the goals you have set for yourself.

Personally, seeing those streaks is good for my morale. It is the only reason I do them. I blog and post because it helps me get things out there. I check the panic thread daily, because I hope something I say will help someone. Personally, helping someone else is one of my goals, as silly as that sounds.

Perhaps two groups are,too much if your life is very busy, but I have found that quite,often the groups require,EMGs overlap, for instance, two groups I a, in ask for ten minutes of exercise a day. I always do 30, so it's an easy goal.

Baby steps. Rome wasn't built in a day!

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10/2/12 11:06 P

Joined both of these, and since I did, I feel like it has been HARDER to do both of these things well! Not that I was doing either one particularly well before joining the challenges, but I am not one to fail, and not being able to meet even some of my SparkStreaks is rather frustrating. Thanks to my phone, it has been super easy to put my food and exercise in, and even my water intake. However, it's harder to remember to log in after a long day to earn spark points or make additional progress.

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