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2/27/13 2:13 P

Thank you for all of the wonderful tips and such. I figure I should clarify though, I do go the gym 4x per week, in the mornings before my husband goes to work, but on impulse times (high stress moments), it isn't easy for me to catch a break and get out of the house. But on that note, I really loved all of the ideas, and will be testing those out for sure! Cheers everyone! and thanks! emoticon

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2/26/13 2:58 P

You really need to make time for yourself. I know it's hard to go to the gym with two kids in tow, but having your husband or neighbor watch them one or two nights a week while you go to a yoga class or something really will do wonders for you.

Have you thought about taking up something like crochet or knitting? It will keep your hands busy and relax you.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
2/26/13 2:50 P

I'll tell you something that someone said, but I can't remember who it was. She said that she tells herself that she cannot control the stress of everyday life, but she CAN control what she puts in her mouth, and that gives her a good feeling.

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2/26/13 2:21 P

Definitely need to find something else to subsitute for food. Something you like or something that just keeps you busy. Set a timer for 15 minutes when you have the urge to "mindless eat" and just do anything else. The urge should be less. It takes awhile to retrain the brain. I give myself little, frequent rewards for not "mindless eating" like new lip stuff, a pair of nice running socks, download a new song to workout to. emoticon

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,283)
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2/26/13 2:02 P

Dealing with stress is tough. It requires hard work, and retraining your stress response.

I'm trying to fight stress eating by instead turning to exercise. If I'm upset, I might take a walk, or do some yoga... instead of reaching for crap and mindless eating. Or, if I absolutely CAN'T resist the munchies, grabbing things that fill me up for few calories (like raw broccoli and carrots.)

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2/26/13 2:00 P

i just find something else to do... even something mundane like refolding all the clothes in the dresser or re-organizing my pantry. Just something to keep my hands busy. You can tell the times I'm more stressed because my house is usually very organized and spotless LOL

Since you have kids, if the weather is nice maybe you can take them to the park and run around with them, or if it's bad weather, turn on some fun music and have a little dance party with them.

PLISZKAT SparkPoints: (2,989)
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2/26/13 1:36 P

Hi everyone,
I was just wondering what everyone does to deal with stress. Usually, I don't let much get to me, but during high stress times I think "whatever....I'm eating the junk, it makes feel better", even though it does end up making me feel worse. What are your ideas to combating stress, besides hitting the gym, because I have 2 little kids in tow with me practically all the time, and my husband works full time, but I need a solution. Thanks for your advice! :-)

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