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IRISHFANUH87 Posts: 1,038
4/1/13 12:12 P

If I'm remembering correctly, it takes about 2 weeks to start losing muscle strength. I know when I have had strep, with antibiotics I usually feel like I can function decently after a couple of days, but probably not exercise for about a week. I think it would be best to talk to your doctor about whether or not you should do the 5K. Sadly it is probably not a good idea for your body. I agree with a previous poster though, if you ultimately decide to do it, you should walk. Illness is the hardest thing when you're trying to get fit, because you can't really control it. If you end up not able to do this one, get signed up for another one that isn't too far away! Time will pass quickly and you will forget about this bout with strep. Good luck!

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4/1/13 11:41 A

It takes a while for you to lose muscle strength so don't worry about strength loss while recovering from the ickiness that is strep. Worst case, you have to start one weight increment below where you finished before you got sick. The first day will probably be a bit difficult but then your body will remember and all those nice endorphins will kick in and you'll be back in business. Feel better soon!

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3/31/13 5:49 P

Thanks everyone! You're all so supportive!!!!

I do have a little question about strength training (and I guess exercise in general). How long would it take so lose the muscle ive built up? I've been laying low for a couple days...I might still try to do some strength training if I'm feeling up to it.....but say i do go a whole week without that going to make it doubly hard when I'm able to go at it again?

Grr this sucks...I feel like I took 2 steps forward and now 1 step backward...but you guys are right...I'll make sure I'm in any case fever free before I go running. Strength training might be easier though...I dunno.

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3/31/13 1:58 P


I'm sorry to hear about your strep. that stinks. Will you be ready for the 5K ? If you take it really easy on your body for the next week (no exercise and plenty of rest), there is a remote chance you might be able to run on Saturday. But, it means no exercise for the entire week. no training runs. no strength training. Let the anti-biotics do their job.

If you're a bit better by saturday and want to participate, consider walking instead of running. If you're hacking up a lung on Saturday, running is out. You can't run efficiently if you can't breathe properly. And if you try to run while you're still weak, you risk the strep lingering.

Take it very easy these next few days and see how you feel.

JUSTDOIT011 Posts: 1,452
3/31/13 12:47 P

Ack, I know how much that sucks! I was diagnosed with strep & mono 1.5 years ago and I'm not sure how much of the symptoms were from strep, and which ones were from mono, but I know that I did not exercise for those 2-4 weeks that I was sick. I was also put on antibiotics (azithromycin) and steroids, I'm pretty sure. I know that just a day after taking the medicine, I could already tell I was feeling better. If your 5k is on Saturday (7 days from now) you may feel pretty ok by then, actually. 6 days of antibiotics should work pretty well...just listen to your body. Don't run it if you're still sick and not feeling that great! Maybe a slow jog or even a walk, if you really want to run it. Make sure to stay hydrated! Good luck & hope you get well soon! emoticon

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3/31/13 12:43 P

That's the luck of the cards..Your health is more important than one race. There will be other races, just now your body is fighting a 5k to come on top again and whom enjoys working extra hard on top of illness?
Just be patient and allow yourself to return to good health.. Rest, eat healthy and apply to the next race that comes along..

LOVEMOUSE82 SparkPoints: (3,788)
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3/31/13 12:30 P

I was diagnosed with strep today. I feel awful and I am wondering how long should it be before I stop feeling so first 5k is this Saturday and I really don't want to be unable to do it! I've really been looking forward to it and now I'm kinda bummed.

I'm on antibiotics and steroids. As soon as I feel better I wanna get back out there and run.

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