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In my ST videos, there is a range to get to for each move. For example, one video the range for every move is 10-12 reps, so as long as my weight is light enough that I can make it to 10, but heavy enough that I can't do more than 12 I'm in good shape. Sometimes I do only make it to 10 and have to stop while the instructor goes to 12.

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you should also consider the full length of the video and the number of weigh exercises. Some instructors use lighter weights because every exercise move includes weights and the length of the workout may make it too hard to use heavier weight. The first few might feel too easier but the point of fatigue will set in a few minutes into the dvd.


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The fewer reps it takes to reach the point of fatigue, the more effective your strength training is. But once you reach that point, stop, even if the instructor is still going.

But if you are unsure of the appropriate weight for a new exercise, it is safer to choose a lighter weight, and increase it next time around, than to guess at one that is too heavy.

Because of the need for a number of considerable number of retakes to produce a video, most instructors use lighter weights than is effective training. Don't feel compelled to match them rep for rep.


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I am following an exercise video and if I'm not sure what weight I should use for a particular exercise, I will choose a "lighter" weight (say 5 lbs). However, if I'm doing the reps and it feels too easy, should I increase the weight and then stop if I feel my muscle is fatigued even if the instructor hasn't finished the set? Or, should I just use the lighter weights for the whole set (even if my muscles don't feel fatigued)? Thanks for any input.

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