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It's too difficult to judge calories burned based on strength training. The amount of energy exerted to lift "x" number of pounds will vary greatly depending on how strong a person is. Here are two articles to help explain:

Why does the Fitness Tracker not calculate calories burned through strength training?

Will a heart rate monitor accurately estimate how many calories I burn during strength training?

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10/25/11 9:56 A

Calorie counters are just a estimate based on the weight of an individual.
A better estimate would be through the use of a heart rate moniter, but that is still just an estimate.

Lots of things come into play.


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10/25/11 9:05 A

I have never seen it do that, I think its hard to determine calories burned from strength training and that why its not done, I am not 100% sure I'm sure someone more qualified will answer you.

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Am I able to track the calories of strength training sessions? The reports do not indicate exercise for a strength training day. Thank you, am new to this.

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