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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,617
12/31/13 6:46 P

I don't think it is a result of strength training, a few pounds maybe but not that much.

CASEMA3285 Posts: 15
12/31/13 5:18 P

But what about inch loss? I can understand you gaining weight with strength training but are you leaner? Have you noticed that you're more toned now?

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/30/13 11:46 P

it's true that u do need to track your food. I have been strength training for a year and have not gained that amount of weight. I track all of my food. You can be eating more than u think. Cardio is important for weight loss so u need to be doing some of that too

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 64,978
12/30/13 7:19 P

The previous poster has asked you a good question. Are you tracking your food and staying in your recommended calorie and nutrient ranges? The majority of your weight loss progress is going to come from diet, not exercise. Do you measure yourself? Have you lost inches?

Any change in your exercise routine can result in temporary water weight gain, but most of that should go away by the 6 week mark. Are you doing any cardio exercise or just strength training?

Coach Jen

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (104,378)
Fitness Minutes: (103,938)
Posts: 3,787
12/30/13 5:48 P

Weight gain and/or loss is usually a result of what you eat, rather than exercise. I'm sorry if that seems harsh but it is true. Are you tracking your food and calories?

JENJEN2045 SparkPoints: (3)
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12/30/13 5:25 P

At the end of October, I weighed 230 pounds. I'm female and short so very overweight. I fell and ended up at the ER where the doctor told me that when I healed, I should start strength training which I did. My weight has done nothing but climb and I now weigh 243 pounds. I have to see my doctor next week for my diabetic checkup and he is not going to be happy when I get on the scales. Could my strength training be responsible for gaining 13 pounds in six weeks? It is hard not to be depressed each time I get on the scales.

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