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Thanks I'll look into those. I found both books and one of the DVDs at my library so I am going to get them I will be able to try the DVD before I buy Thanks again emoticon

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There are two books that I'm going to recommend that will help get you started with strength training. They're both very good beginner books that include some basic workouts.

Bill Phillips Body for Life as well as the New Rules of Lifting for Women. You should be able to find either at your local library. I find Body for Life at the Goodwill all the time.

As for DVDs, this is going to be difficult, not because of your age, but your likes and dislikes.

You might take a look at this one specifically targeted towards women in their 50s.

or perhaps this one.

One thing you might also consider doing is joining SERGEANTMAJOR's resistance band Spark team. He's got a lot of good information posted to help get you started with a basic strength training program with resistance bands.

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1/10/11 9:46 A

I am looking for a good strength training DVD for women over 50. I do not go to a gym. I have some equipment at home: dumbbells, Weider pro 9940, treadmill, and recumbent exercise bike. I have no problem with the aerobics aspect. I do that 5 days a week but would like a strength training program to follow so I can firm up especially triceps and not hurt my old bones. I am doing the boot camp ones right now but would like something for after that. I also would like a good stretching DVD for flexibility and balance. I know there are a lot out there but I can't figure out what is good and hope someone my age has the same idea and knows a good DVD to follow. Thanks emoticon

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