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7/23/13 6:50 A


I agree with the previous poster. I did take a look at your account, and it looks like you created a manual "strength training" entry. If you searched for your exercises (or a generic strength workout) in the fitness tracker search box, it will give you calories burned for that activity.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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7/23/13 2:57 A

Strength training doesn't burn a whole lot of calories directly in the way that cardio does.

Instead, the main benefits of ST are indirect, boosting your metabolism (burning calories throughout the day, not just when you are working out), and also that it means that more of your weight loss comes from fat alone, rather than a combination of fat and muscle.

Don't worry about the calories - they won't be huge anyway. The benefits come in other ways.


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7/23/13 2:35 A

I am using the SP app for the iPhone to track fitness right at the gym. I started my Strength Training routine tonight and went to track. After going through various excesses and tracking them all (30 minutes worth), it doesn't record calories lost at all? Just the actual activity/time? I feel kind of gyped in a way because I am sure 30 minutes of ST burned something. I manually logged 100 calories burned anyway, even though it was probably more. I wanted some credit towards my weekly calories burned goal emoticon Am I missing something here??

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