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JESSALYN1186 Posts: 78
1/11/14 11:17 A

You shouldn't strength train every day. I have been doing Jillian's 30 day shred, but I do 2 days on and one day rest or just cardio. So working through some soreness is good, but your muscles also need to repair themselves before you can build more. Trust your gut.

KT-NICHOLS-13 Posts: 1,220
1/10/14 6:25 P

Thanks! In the past I've asked friends what they think ... they tell me what I want to hear - awe just skip the gym today. You need the rest.

With the feedback here I went to the gym and did a light cardio and ST session. I used a different machine for the cardio and cut back on reps with the ST & changed up the moves. I anticipated hating being there due to the sore muscles but actually got into it. Things loosened up a bit so walking back to the office wasn't as uncomfortable.

This weekend will be rest days ... walking only. Mon-Wed of next week I'll push it again with a recovery day on Thursday.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/10/14 6:08 P

I agree that it depends on how sore. a little soreness is normal so working out is ok. more than that rest is needed so muscles can repair themselves. If it is more than a little you can do more damage.

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (78,864)
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1/10/14 4:47 P

You should rest the sore muscles. It is when they heal they become stronger. For example, today my strength workout was not as intense as it was last Tuesday, because I was still not completely healed in my legs and in my arms. So I kept the intensity low. Hopefully the workout of next Monday should be at full intensity though.

However, you are not out of options. Chances are that you are sore only in a few muscle groups. So you can still strength train the remaining (not sore) ones. Also, you can do some light cardio.

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FIELDWORKING SparkPoints: (29,946)
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Posts: 748
1/10/14 3:07 P

I think you'd be would be ok to do cardio but hold off on the strength training. Are you irritated at being sore or is your skin irritated from walking and carrying items? If it's the latter of the two, are you chafed? If so, then maybe invest in some compression shorts. If you decide to go to the gym, maybe do something that won't be use the rowing machine, stationary bike, or the elliptical. If your gym has an indoor pool, maybe swim a few laps or tread water.

KT-NICHOLS-13 Posts: 1,220
1/10/14 2:58 P

I workout out Tuesday and Wednesday - 30/min sessions - that included weights and cardio. (Monday I walked 3+ miles) I'm still sore today to the point of irritation at having to walk and carry items. Yet, I still feel like I should go to the gym and do something as far as working out. Light cardio? Light weights? Maybe go for a walk would be sufficient?

My guilt says to workout, at the gym.
My mind says to continue to take a break.

What I don't want is to burnout but I also don't want to make sore muscles an excuse not to go for a few days.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,582
1/10/14 6:09 A

I think it depends how sore you are. If it's mild soreness, you're probably okay to push through it, but if it's significant, you'll probably want to take some extra rest. How many days per week are you strength training? How many rest days do you have between workouts?

Coach Jen

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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Posts: 2,489
1/10/14 5:29 A

No, you shouldn't. Your muscles need time to repair and heal. When you take this recovery time is when muscles grow and build strength as they try to overcompensate for the microscopic tears you made during your training session. This can take up to 3-4 days or even a week. You may be able to get away with training again with minimal soreness but it's always better to allow recovery time until they are relatively, fully healed.

If you are new to weight/resistance training, it'd probably be better to start off only training 2 days a week. As your body becomes more conditioned, you won't be affected by DOMS as severely.

C_ANEMONE Posts: 838
1/9/14 5:21 P

Is it okay to strength train if you are still sore from your last strength training session? Sometimes I don't know if I should rest or keep at it! Sometimes I will be sore for a few days and I don't feel that I am pushing myself too hard. Thanks for any advice.

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