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NEWWIFENEWLIFE SparkPoints: (9,144)
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6/2/14 10:33 P

Thank You!!! I feel better now that I am not missing something on my trackers :)

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (184,118)
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6/2/14 10:23 P

NEWWIFENEWLIFE SparkPoints: (9,144)
Fitness Minutes: (3,659)
Posts: 18
6/2/14 10:17 P

So I've been tracking my nutrition and my cardio with SparkPeople and I love it. Today I was working out with my personal trainer and she had mentioned that the exercises she was having me do was increasing my heart rate monitor and so it was burning calories. I wear a heart rate monitor at the gym so we could see it increase and we did the strength training session for about 30 minutes today. My question is how do I count the calories burned because most of the exercises aren't in the list with the app nor do I have a clue how many I have burnt. I am just curious because I keep my calories on the lower end of the range so if it is significant as in 100 or 200 calories 4 times a week I don't want to not be eating enough. When I am by myself my typical routine takes me around 30 minutes with 20 minutes being actual lifting and such and the other is cleaning machines or adjusting.


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