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1/24/13 11:13 A

Thanks for the link. It's good to have something to measure against.

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1/23/13 2:24 P

Awesome. I also find it helpful to show what we're capable of. I want those advanced numbers. hahaha.

1/23/13 2:01 P

I consider myself an "intermediate" and by this chart I am an intermediate in the bench press and inbetween Novice & Intermediate on all others.

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,086)
Fitness Minutes: (12,713)
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1/23/13 8:56 A

So I've had questions about weight training and programs and I think many people like to do different things, that's fine. What ultimately matters is results. If you're building strength and making progress, you're probably on a good program. I find the tables below to be a decent barometer. Thought I'd share ...

The big three:




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