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Perhaps the approach of free weights is no longer meeting your needs and you will find increased interest and commitment from changing it up. This article can give you some ideas.

7 Strength Training Excuses: Busted!
Get Over the Excuses to Get Stronger

You might also find that high intensity interval training (also known as HIIT) could be exactly what you're looking for.

High Intensity Interval Training
Take Your Fitness and Fat Loss to the Next Level


High Intensity Strength Training
Achieve Better Results in Less Time

Hope these help.

Coach Tanya

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OK It happends for me all the time.

I start strenght training. In the beginning it's ok... I start slowly not to impact to much my motivation and get injury.. It's quite easy, motivation skyrockets, and first week usually goes without extra stress.
I have diary to track the exercises.... it should keep me on the track, but sooner or later my motivation falls down. I thought about it much and i suppose it might be lack of progress and difficulty to put more iron. Of course on the days I feel more fatigued it get worse - less pounds, less sets, less repetition, or combination of those three things. I begin to struggle with workouts, feel often fatigued, to much stressed or even depressed (especially if I skip exercise) and then after 2-4 weeks it's over...

Please advice me what to do. I know that without constantly pushing the limits and consistence (throwing out the diary, not increase the levels of workouts, working out once a week) I will stay in the same place and don't get muscles I desire. Is strenght training so much painfull and making me fatigued (I didn't have so great problems with turning myself from coach potato to half-marathoner) ???

Do you have idea how to keep fun in strenght training and still keep progress? Do you have the same? How you pump up motivation and take off pressure?

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