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AMADEO2010 Posts: 38
1/13/14 12:16 P

Do some research in insulin resistance. What sounds like is happening is you've eaten a high carb/low protein breakfast and it's causing your glucose to spike, insulin spikes after it to deal with it and causes your glucose levels to drop like a rock - therefore, shakyness.

Definitely do what others have recommended and load up on some protein and only have about 30g of carbs for breakfast. I had to learn this lesson the hard way too!

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1/13/14 12:11 P

Hi All,
Thank you all for your responses! I'm going to quit the cereal and see if i can change to a higher protein/lower carb breakfast.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,452
1/10/14 12:34 P

Frosted mini wheats make my blood sugar go crazy.

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1/10/14 1:08 A

LEAPSTER2013 - It sounds like the Dr isn't really doing his/her job if you had to 'beg' to get your thyroid checked. I agree with Becky - talk with your Dr and ask for those bloods to be done. If your Dr doesn't play ball, I would be looking for a new Dr.


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1/10/14 12:40 A

I was thinking blood sugar and thyroid. I have an autoimmune thyroid condition and had shakiness even after eating. I found out after begging my doctor to check my thyroid and finally being diagnosed by my allergist that I had a goiter and autoimmune thyroid. I went on medication and the internal shakiness went away.

1/9/14 7:00 P

The sounds as if it is related to blood sugar issues.
Have you been to the doctor recently and had fasting blood sugar lab work done?

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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1/9/14 5:14 P

I'm just noticing what time you said your lunch was. 2:30! What time are you eating breakfast? You may just need a snack between breakfast and lunch, because a bowl of cereal's usually going to be good for a few hours, tops. If you're eating at 7 or 8 am like most people, then that's as much as 7 hours! Even if you're eating at 9 or 10... you're still pushing 4 to 5 hours.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,247
1/9/14 5:06 P

that's actually why i stopped eating breakfast as a child. what i figure was happening is this. i'd eat a not great or sustaining type breakfast, miss my earlier gentler hunger cues and only clue in when i started getting hungry enough to need food right then. the other problem was that the time between my breakfast and my school lunch was just too long and elementary school doesn't really have room for snacking like middle and high school do. so even if i clued in i still couldn't really eat anything until i was shaky at lunchtime. but if i kept my fast from the night before and only ate lunch then i'd be hungry just in time for an after school snack.
so i would say that your mini wheats or oatmeal just isn't a substantial enough meal to keep you for the time that you're wanting it to. if you want to keep eating those things i would suggest planning a snack midway between breakfast and lunch and that will likely get rid of the shakes. another option would be finding a different meal that keeps you a little better for a little longer.

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1/9/14 4:22 P

I agree that adding protein to your breakfast is a good place to start.

If this shakiness is something that you are experiencing with frequency, you should see your doctor about it.

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1/9/14 4:19 P

Have you tried eating something different? Mini wheats or oatmeal may be spiking your blood sugar.

Try somethign with more protein, and some fruit/veggies instead, and see if that helps. I've found if I have a carb-heavy breakfast, I'm hungrier later, but a protein-heavy breakfast keeps me fuller, longer.

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1/9/14 3:26 P

So I lost 123lbs at one point doing everything the correct way but then I gained alot back and i'm starting over again. Though i don't think this issue has anything to do with that really..

Here's the thing.. If i don't eat breakfast in the morning (just coffee), i am usually hungry at lunchtime (2:30pm) but i'm not ravenous.

If i DO eat breakfast (usually mini wheats or oatmeal) I get REALLY hungry around 1 or 2pm and usually my hands start shaking (and i feel generally unsteady).

I've done google searches but i only come up with NOT eating breakfast as a reason people get shaky and dizzy, not because they DID eat breakfast.

Does anyone have any theories on this??

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