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1/13/13 5:25 P

Thanks Unident for clarifying. You know, I wish we had a "like" button on these forums. emoticon

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1/13/13 3:42 P

Hope this gets sorted :)

MSANITAL Posts: 8,049
1/13/13 3:40 P

Thank you for all the great feedback and Deb Thank you for the links. I have been doing les mills body pump class for over a year.. and squats is my favorite... I am getting good results and I am glad but did know if the squats where for the glutes or the hams..
Thanks again everyone

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/13/13 2:52 P

Just try pointing your toes out and keeping your knees pointed directly ahead. I doubt you could do that.

You should keep your knees in alignment with your toes, ankles, legs. You would want to avoid pointing 'out' (of even that range) while doing it, but you definitely do keep the knees pointed the same way the toes are - just not more than that... :)

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1/13/13 11:24 A

Question to clarify?: If your toes are positioned slightly outward rather than straight, do you still keep your knees straight, or do you allow them to turn slightly outward to follow your foot placement?

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1/13/13 10:50 A

LOL, I had to read this whole thread to realize what you meant by "trunk". I read it and was thinking trunk=core/abdomen.

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1/13/13 7:32 A

If you're concerned you're not doing them in correct form, is there someone at the gym you can ask to watch you? (someone of a more professional or experienced nature, of course)

1/12/13 11:44 P

lol anita, Your hamstrings are connected to your "trunk" yeah that's what should happen. :) Actually it's a sign that you're doing them right and that your glutes are firing - many people have problems with this. So, actually it's a good thing.

Is it getting bigger? I dunno. If you're dieting and have been doing squats for more than 3 months, then no, you can't build muscle. You might be getting your pump on as the bodybuilders say. It's just the muscle filling with fluid. It goes away after a few hours usually. Maybe a day tops.

If you're NOT dieting, well then yeah, you could for sure be building muscle.

Or...could be the fat is dropping and now you're getting to see the nice shape underneath?

Honestly I wouldn't worry about it too much. Even if you are building muscle there, it will get smaller as you drop fat. Sadly our hormones dictate that we should keep as much fat there as possible for as long as possible. And trust me, I dunno how old you are, but I'm old and I'll tell you what...the skin doesn't shrink as well as the fat cells. So, I work really hard to fill in the empty space with muscle!

1/12/13 11:12 P

I will disagree with Deb on one major point, not letting you knees go past your toes. The 90 degree angle is the maximum shear point on the ligaments and other supporting structures of the knees. Current research has determined that full to the heel squats do not stress the knee joint in any way. If that position stress the knee many in the Third World who assume that posture in lieu of sitting on chairs and other objects would be crippled by age 20 .

If a 400 pound sumo wrestler can squat on his heels repeatedly and get back erect without negative consequences I will continue to have my clients do maximum as close to the heels as possible squats.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/12/13 10:01 P

Ah, that's what you meant by tracking. Yes, knees should remain hip-width apart and never come together nor push out. It's those adductors that stop them pushing out. :)

TGUY82 Posts: 53
1/12/13 9:54 P

Thanks for the corrections. It's been a while since I used to work out a lot. I can see from the no of posts that your more experienced around here.
If the knees are tracking in line with your feet you have better form than if your knee's collapse towards each other. Especially important when you start adding weight.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/12/13 9:38 P

The information posted by TGUY82 is not entirely accurate.

The adductors are a small supporting muscle group in your leg, and should never be the focus of intense, specific exercise. They are not the primary mover in a squat at all, unless you're doing it wrong.

Yes, squats work your glutes (butt) and will be responsible for the visual change there. Good job! :)

The primary movers on a squat are your quads and your glutes.

Spark's info on squats and what they work:

Livestrong - What muscles do squats work out?

Livestrong - what the adductors are and how to work them:

Additionally, I'm not quite sure what was meant by "make sure your knees track out over your toes", but your knees should never pass over your toes in a properly performed squat. You should watch to ensure your knees remain no further forward than just over your toes - they should not poke out in front of your toes.

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1/12/13 9:07 P

Being a bloke I'm not really conscious about my rear end. If your doing squats with good form you will be keeping a solid core, your back curve should remain through the whole movement. Concentrate on keeping the weight on your heels and imagine a chain lifting your rear while you are driving. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and point your toes out slightly. Make sure that your knees track over your toes.
If your performing squats effectively you will feel your adductors after doing the workout. These are the muscles that run from your groin to your knee (next to your hamstrings). The adductors are where the bulk of the energy come from in this movement. Driving from your glutes will make it really hard for you to hold an solid back curve. Remember your core muscles are designed to hold and protect your spine in a position, not move it about.

Keep doing squats though, They are the singular most functional movement you can do. Take every opportunity you can to add some to your day, instead of bending over to pick something up do a squat!

MSANITAL Posts: 8,049
1/12/13 8:55 P

Ok, I really do not want to sound stupid here but I have seen some results from all the squats that I do.. .. and I think I know that squats are good for your back upper hams right? but.. what I have noticed is a lift.. in the trunk.. (if you know what I mean) is that a good thing??? I mean yea I guess it could be good but like today at work I was looking at my self in the 3 sided mirror (work in a clotheing store) and I noticed resutls from doing all those squats.. which like I said is that good or is it making it bigger??

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