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1/26/11 2:02 P

I would talk to your doctor about this. I don't know about any other offices, but my Doctor's office has an email messaging system so that I can email my doctor anytime I have a question. A lot easier than trying to schedule an appointment in my busy days and paying a copay to see her.

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1/25/11 11:55 P

Like the others name food allergies.. I have a whole list of repeat offenders and it is growing, but I won't let trying new food stop me..

1/25/11 11:20 P

I have the same problem as the post immediately below. I cant eat raw apples, peaches, bananas, plums, soy, on and on and on. I have oral allergy syndrome. If you have problems with any other foods (even just an itchy mouth/scratchy throat type thing) it might be worth it to go to an allergist.

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1/25/11 4:36 P

my husband has problems with Apples, bananas, and carrots. He likes them, but gut aches. Recently he had a throat scope done cause he had issues with food getting caught in his throat. Well, he ended up having inflamation in his throat from an allergy I don't remember the exact medical name for it. Just this month he went to an allergist and he is allergic to nuts, soy, bananas, apples, carrots, grass, ragweed, melons, tomatos..... and few more as well. SO it is possible that you have a food allergy to some foods. His nephew has stomach pains as well from foods, his mom thought he was just making excuses to not eat good foods, but now she realizes that he could have a problem.


1/25/11 3:49 P

I get sick from apples too. It seems to be a cumulative effect. One apple won't make me sick, but if I eat too many in a short period of time, or if I drink a lot of apple juice, I get a lot of stomach pains.

BUTSWEETER Posts: 1,255
1/25/11 3:40 P

If you can't eat them, don't eat them! For years I couldn't eat bananas because they gave me crippling stomach aches, but I can suddenly eat them again. I remember trying to find info about it and reading that a lot of people with latex allergies have pain while eating apples and bananas. I don't have one, and I'm not saying you do either, just repeating what i read. Sometimes there are things our stomachs just don't want in them.

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1/25/11 2:57 P

You perfectly described what happens to me when I eat an apple. I had heard that the skin on fruit is very hard to digest for some people and I believe that's the case for me. If I peel off the skin, I am fine after I eat an apple.

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1/25/11 2:50 P

Though probably rare, humans can be allergic to anything.

If it's a problem, then I say dont eat them. there are so many other good fruits and vegies. :-)

Also, you might see if other "apple like" foods have a similar effect. Pears come to mind right away.

AMYNELSON07 Posts: 35
1/25/11 2:43 P

I've noticed recently that when I eat a raw apple (any kind) I get a pain in my stomach and then I seem to feel like I am starving.

I know apples are supposed to be a great snack but I just can't seem to eat them, even if I pair it with a protein like cheese or peanut butter. The time of the day does not seem to matter either. What gives?

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