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5/10/13 8:28 P

I have seen yoga and pilates work wonders for a couple girlfriends :-) Although you can't spot reduce, you can tone up!

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5/10/13 6:25 P

ERICADURR is right... the unfortunately truth is that you can't spot reduce... including the annoying loose skin. As you continue to lose weight, you will lose weight there, as well, but because fat loss is a total body process, it just takes time and overall fat loss to remov it.

ERICADURR Posts: 243
5/10/13 5:31 P

Absent surgery, there's not really anything you can do about loose skin other than wait and hope it pops back into place. Regardless, even if you can't change that part of yourself, don't beat yourself up! Focus on your gains and the things about your body you really love! :) No one loves everything about themselves, but the main thing is to focus on the things you DO love about yourself. :)

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5/10/13 5:27 P

I have lost 50 lbs and I am so happy with the results. I exercise 3-5 times a week mixing up cardio with strength training but I am having trouble with my stomach. I have gone down several dress sizes but I have this loose skin right above my belly button and it seems like nothing I do tightens it. It is discouraging to lose all this weight and still have this "spare tire". I still need to lose about 45 - 50 lbs. Other than this one thing, I am so happy with my progress.

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