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Posts: 954
1/4/13 12:17 P

emoticon That is one of my goals.....drink more water.

Posts: 954
1/4/13 12:15 P


SparkPoints: (101,509)
Fitness Minutes: (76,885)
Posts: 2,953
1/4/13 8:01 A

Start with small achievable goals....First should be drinking water

SparkPoints: (212,106)
Fitness Minutes: (87,276)
Posts: 11,599
1/4/13 7:56 A

Good luck on your journey, Sparkpeople is a great place to learn.

Posts: 954
1/3/13 11:18 P

Thank you Jennik2i

Posts: 954
1/3/13 11:16 P

Thank you Terri

Posts: 6,130
1/3/13 10:37 P

welcome to your weight loss and healthy life style journey. Remember that you get to decide how this goes. It is your body so you get to decide how it looks and feels. Use all that sparks has to offer. I found sparks to be a HUGH help. Good luck.........

Posts: 1,826
1/3/13 10:10 P

Welcome! They have at least one video in the videos section that gives some information about how to use some of Sparkpeople's features

Posts: 954
1/3/13 10:07 P

Thank you ETHELMERZ. That is the hard part. Remembering that this is a slow process. emoticon

Posts: 954
1/3/13 10:04 P

Thank you Kelly

SparkPoints: (83,534)
Fitness Minutes: (63,840)
Posts: 3,908
1/3/13 9:53 P

Just keep in mind, you didn't gain weight in a week, and it will take trying different things out to find out which works for you, and only YOU, so you can live happily with your own style. Just keep at it.

SparkPoints: (95,850)
Fitness Minutes: (112,404)
Posts: 9,434
1/3/13 9:51 P

Welcome to SparkPeople!!

I'm glad that you are enjoying the resources here and congratulations on taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle! Make sure to have fun through your journey!

Be well,

Posts: 954
1/3/13 5:02 P

Thank you.

Posts: 37,317
1/3/13 2:39 P

The longer you are on Spark Peop;e, the more you will learn!!

Posts: 954
1/3/13 2:37 P

Thank you. I am getting support and encouragement. I am loving it. emoticon

Posts: 2,616
1/3/13 2:27 P

Good for you!! Spark is great not only for learning info about exercise and nutrition, but also for the support from other members!!! Good luck!

SparkPoints: (65,366)
Fitness Minutes: (46,564)
Posts: 2,833
1/3/13 2:25 P

You will always be learning, and it is each and every day. Enjoy your journey with Sparks.

Posts: 954
1/3/13 2:22 P

I have now been here a week and find myself here as much as I am on FB. I am still trying to learn about SparkPeople. I find out something else every day. I love it here and feel that I will be able to succeed this time.

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