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9/11/13 1:27 P

Great advice! For me starting small helped. First I gave up caffeine, and then I added fruits & vegetables, next I started logging my calories, fat, carbs, etc. Also, give yourself small goals, like 5 lbs, It is attainable.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
9/11/13 12:14 P

I'm approaching things from a slightly different angle, in that my focus has been on discovering foods that are healthy and that I absolutely love. I totally ignored calories and the scale for the first month that I was on here, but instead looked at increasing my iron, calcium, fibre, and potassium. My "program" was seeking out foods and recipes that I could ADD to my diet (using the word as meaning "general way of eating") and which I enjoyed enough that I WANT to keep them in my life.

This approach led to the happy discovery that the most nutritious foods are generally low in calories. They are also very filling. By the time that I started looking at calories, my daily intake had naturally dropped to what would be my maintenance range at a healthy weight. This isn't going to give me the fastest weight loss around, but it's a pace that I am comfortable with and which lets me take my time to create my permanent lifestyle. Since life will always bring occasions with different foods (celebrations with friends and family, work outings, or whatever), I look at it that it's an occasion to celebrate and then go back to the eating style that I enjoy. It's neither a "slip", nor a "cheat" - it's a healthy, happy, temporary part of my life.

I'm taking the same approach to exercise. Frankly, if I don't love it, I'm not gonna do it! I loathe running, but love hiking in the back country. I'm not fond of dancing, but adore lifting weights. The "motivation" is to be happy, so it's really not that hard to get off my duff and go and do it! I've got some medical limitations right now, but that exercise was a part of my life long before I started losing weight and I'm itching to get back to it simply because I love it so much.

I can't say whether this approach could work for anyone else, but I can honestly say that there has been nothing about my journey so far that I could consider "work", or that required any "motivation" beyond *this makes me feel good and makes me happy*.

Best wishes for you in figuring out your own best approach to the journey!

JUNKDRAWER Posts: 1,253
9/11/13 8:02 A

I'm in my 5th month of this round of weightloss in my life. I have never made it this far, or lost this much before. I HAVE gone through cycles where I can push really hard and be very dedicated, or hardly do anything at all. BUT, even in the times where I feel like I'm slipping I have the voice in the back of my head that knows I've come way too far to give up and let it all come back on. One night I was whining and crying about how I just wanted to eat and my husband asked how much I wanted to be 300lbs again. Did I miss how I felt then? NO! You'll have the ups and downs, just don't let your downs pull you completely off track. Have a bad day or two, have a slump, but don't slup so far that you erase what you've worked for.

smaller goals, smaller targets, a pair of smaller pants to keep trying on, measure yourself so you have *proof* that you are getting smaller when you need the reminder. You'll find what makes the challenge and motivation for you.

You can do it!! Don't give up!!

SWOOCHIE Posts: 49
9/11/13 7:11 A

These are great comments. I too try to be 100% or nothing. I have been on the weight loss journey all my life. I have lost and gained and it is probably because of the 100% or nothing attitude (which I am working at changing). Sometimes it is SO hard to stick with eating right and within the calories, but I know I need to do it. I feel so much better when I am "on track".

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9/11/13 3:31 A

None of us are perfect, and as such, none of us stick to this 100% - we do have a life outside of such rigidity!

I actually allow for one day in a while to eat whatever I want. It helps to stop the boredom, and allows me to eat and enjoy what I otherwise wouldn't be having because the calories are a wee bit too high for me. To accommodate this I eat slightly toward the slower end of my range most of the rest of the time. It works well, if you let it!

I have lost a significant amount of weight doing this, and have been maintaining for nearly 3 years, so obviously it can work if you let it!

As far as the motivation is concerned, you are the only one who can find yours, but you may find what motivates you if you read the success stories or the Motivational Articles in the Articles part of the tool bar above.

Good luck,

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9/10/13 10:49 P

The key to sticking with it is *not* to get hung up on 100%. Nobody can do anything 100% right 100% of the time. You need to learn to deal with being imperfect. When you go over your calorie range for the day or skip a workout you'd planned or whatever it might be (and you will do those things), shake it off and move on. Make better choices from that moment on. One of the best things I've read here--and I don't remember whose post I originally read it in--is that those slip-ups are like breaking a dish. If you drop a plate, you don't throw your hands in the air, assume you're a dish-keeping failure, and break all the rest of your dishes. You sweep it up, throw it out, and move on. The same goes for your new, healthy lifestyle. One meal or one day or even one weekend don't ruin your efforts. You just have to use those mistakes to inspire you to do better next time.

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9/10/13 10:32 P

Any suggestions on how to stick to a program 100% ? Its been so hard for me..up and down. I want to stay with this for the long haul and I need some Motivation!! emoticon

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