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12/13/12 9:48 P

I use Truvia!

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Posts: 61
12/13/12 9:32 P

Marti - where do you get the liquid stevia?

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Fitness Minutes: (37,332)
Posts: 26,408
12/13/12 12:08 P

FITMARTI, I had the same problem with Splenda.

I use the Meijer store brand of stevia, I actually like the taste of it better than sugar in my iced tea.

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Posts: 203
12/13/12 9:49 A

I dont use. If I sweeten anything I use raw honey or raw cane sugar.. (which is rare...)

SparkPoints: (19,785)
Fitness Minutes: (37,083)
Posts: 376
12/13/12 9:34 A

I couldn't use the powder either.

SparkPoints: (19,785)
Fitness Minutes: (37,083)
Posts: 376
12/13/12 9:32 A

Here is my story with sweeteners......

DH and I were using Yellow Package sweetener in everything and all was going we thought. We realized that we were having to get up at night too many times to go to the bathroom. We cut back on liquids after 4 pm but that did help at all. I began researching the sweeteners to see if that was an issue and discovered that the sweeteners can cause our exact same problem.

We did not change the volume or timing of our liquid consumption, but began using the natural Stevia (not the kind containing sugar alcohols or other additives...just plain Stevia) and within days we were back down to one trip per night.

I shared our findings with a few friends who were having same issue and they had similar results.

I only use it in my iced tea so I can still enjoy my southern iced tea.

Posts: 2,912
12/13/12 9:00 A


Posts: 6,256
12/13/12 8:54 A

I've tried the power and it was too bitter tasting for me. Haven't tried the liquid form.

Posts: 5,070
12/13/12 8:36 A

sprout my own. that way it's not processed in any form

Posts: 4,336
12/13/12 8:26 A

I use the powdered in my coffee.

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SparkPoints: (153,732)
Fitness Minutes: (114,718)
Posts: 7,946
12/13/12 8:23 A

I tried the powdered stevia and wasn't convinced. Maybe I should check out the liquid. I'm trying to cut back, though. I know I use too much Splenda and Sweet n Low.

Posts: 2,667
12/13/12 8:11 A

haven't tried the liquid yet

Posts: 7,634
12/13/12 6:44 A

Would never use it...would sooner do without!

Posts: 9,700
12/13/12 6:15 A

Haven't tried it

Posts: 3,026
12/13/12 6:14 A

Love it

SparkPoints: (19,785)
Fitness Minutes: (37,083)
Posts: 376
12/12/12 10:08 P

Just converted over to Sweetleaf Liquid Stevia about a month ago. Is anyone else using it?

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