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5/23/11 6:24 A


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5/23/11 6:00 A

Well considering that japan has been using this as their sweetner for 30 yrs I think it should be okay. The only issue I can see is americans use things alot more excessivly. As with all things moderation is key.


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3/24/11 1:15 P

I would use raw sugar. I tried Stevia and I don't like it. It is really sweet and even a half packet of Stevia was to sweet.

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3/24/11 11:40 A

I use sugar including Raw.

My OBGYN informed my husband to stay away from Stevia as there is reason to believe it causes low fertility rates in men. If it can do that to men, it's not far-fetched to think there could be issues in women. She did inform me also that the jury is still out on Stevia and Reproductive Health, but some studies are showing it to not the be *miracle* sweetener as hoped.

As a side note I am allergic to Stevia. I get migraines, nose bleeds, and body cramping. It might be from a plant but I consider it to be harmful. Think of all the other poisonous or harmful substances obtained from plants. I steer clear of it. Natural or not.

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3/24/11 9:43 A

Here are a few articles that may help -

The Science behind Stevia
How Safe is This Newly Approved Sweetener?

The Truth about "Natural" Sweeteners
Does Sugar by Any Other Name Still Taste as Sweet?

The Buzz on Honey
The Good-for-You Sweetener

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3/24/11 1:07 A

I use Stevia in the Raw packets or Truvia...

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3/23/11 10:35 P

i use sugar

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3/23/11 10:33 P

I use truvia, its cheaper and taste better

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3/23/11 10:32 P

I used to be a big sweetner addict so Stevia is the perfect swap for me. I really really like it and I only have to use a tiny tiny bit to sweeten my coffee or tea!

From what I read online there are no negative side effects like there are for sweetner and I think its delicious. It just comes down to if you want to cut back on some calories and sugar for your diet.

3/23/11 10:23 P

The packets are ok too. There is a product called truvia made from stevia that has a better flavor IMHO. I find stevia a little bit bitter or something.

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3/23/11 10:07 P

Thanks Pants..from the other Pants :) I have only seen the stevia in the small sachets/packets..will for sure look for the syrup! Awesome!

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3/23/11 9:27 P

If you're going for calorie free, but want your coffee to taste good, try a quality stevia syrup...its pure stevia extract suspended in vegetable glycerin for purposes of dilution (as its 300 times sweeter than table sugar it doesn't take much to sweeten a drink, I only use about 10 drops for my coffee, and I like it sweet)

If you're okay with some calories, but want to go with a less processed product, then go for a quality, (organic if you prefer) raw sugar

Good luck!

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3/23/11 8:36 P

This is my first post and am looking for some feedback about Stevia and Raw Sugar. I have one cup of tea of coffee in the morning and nothing in the afternoon or evening where caffeine is concerned :)
I am wondering if any of you have tried Stevia and if you like it over using raw sugar. I am not into using Splenda...thanks for your comments :)

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