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JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
8/15/13 4:32 P

I don't count that towards my exercise but I DO count it towards my daily minimum of 10K steps per day.

I hope that helps and I hope you enjoy your pedometer!

HOLLYM48 Posts: 6,408
8/15/13 4:21 P

I use my fitbit at work to count my steps but don't record anything else about it.

RTICK1 Posts: 126
8/15/13 3:25 P

I set myself up for success by planning out my lunch that day. I also like to have low sodium Progresso soups, so I make sure I have a backup supply of them in my car just in case I forget to plan ahead for the day.

I also make a note to do desk exercises if I have to sit for prolonged periods of time.

FAITHP44 SparkPoints: (52,384)
Fitness Minutes: (31,937)
Posts: 3,656
8/14/13 10:40 A

Hi Purkeyd
I think that when you set your food tracker you say whether you are sedentary, moderately active or very active at work and they take this into account when they set your calorie range. So if you have said you're very active you will automatically be allowed extra calories. And then you track your additional exercise on top. I'm sure you can still use the steps at work for your step counter and you'll be interested to see how many steps you do in a day.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (57,340)
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Posts: 9,659
8/12/13 5:52 P

Not directly, no. This expert answer will explain how to track steps with work:

PURKEYD Posts: 31
8/12/13 4:55 P

So do the amount of steps you take at work count as exercise. I have a very active job physically. I am going to get a pedometer today on my way to work. I want to see just how much walking I do at work. I thing...A LOT!!

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