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5/25/10 8:18 A

I think that the 10,000 steps per day are not counted as cardio because some of them won't be cardio. Like when you walk to answer a knock at the door and things like that.

What I do is put on my pedometer first thing in the morning and wear it all day. So, when I'm doing my walking/running that is actually for cardio, that counts as part of my 10000 steps.

SUSIE85251 Posts: 156
5/24/10 11:43 P

I wear a Bodybugg that works as a pedometer too.

MGPAQUIN Posts: 359
5/24/10 9:27 P

I use an Omron pedometer, which told me today that my 10,000 steps came to 5 miles. It will also track your numbers for several days, measure aerobic steps as opposed to "strolling" steps, etc. I love the thing. I don't know how to post a link here, but if you cut and paste the following you can find out about it:

I didn't buy it for that price ($35). I do believe I got it considerably cheaper through Amazon. I think this will help you track what you want to track.

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5/24/10 1:06 P

I have been tracking my steps, but this does not show up in my cardio as calories burned! Am I supposed to have 10,000 steps above and beyond my normal cardio workouts? Should I track steps and then manually enter my average walking speed and miles?

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4/5/10 11:12 P

Lizzy - that helps greatly. Thanks!

I did get a pedometer which I spent a big portion of the morning trying to get set right. I have somewhat of a long stride so it took about 6 tries to get it right....


MAUDIE10 Posts: 66
4/5/10 3:38 P

The lenght of your stride is important. Invest in a pedometer, you'll be glad you did!

4/5/10 3:16 P

It depends on the length of your stride.

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4/5/10 3:00 P

The average calculation is 10,000 = 5 miles

Hope that helps.

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4/5/10 2:42 P

Hi, I just started using the step tracker on the fitness tracker today. Can anyone tell me how many steps are equivalent to what? Such as 10,000 steps are equal to a mile, etc... I remembered seeing something one time but I can not find it now.


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