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7/25/13 3:42 P

Steamers as in clams? I would use white wine, garlic, a handful of fresh herbs and a bit of salt. No butter necessary...though honestly, a tiny bit of butter doesn't seem to be a big problem for me--a butter sauce dipping sauce like is traditional for lobster is probably a no no, but one pat per serving is not likely to slow down your weight loss much if at all.

As far as steaming fish, the sky is the limit. OK, you didn't ASK about steaming fish, but I am going to tell you anyhow! :) I like any kind of white fish covered in homemade salsa, with a teaspoon of olive oil, wrapped in banana leaves (then foil) and cooked on the grill. I used to make salmon in a vegetable steamer pan (which I have since lost) with a steaming liquid of orange juice, fresh rosemary and red pepper flakes--it was divine. I think that I could find the recipe if you are interested. I've seen some intriguing recipes which involve steaming fish with tea as the liquid, but I haven't actually tried that myself. Salmon en papillote (baked, wrapped in parchment steams inside the packet) with wild mushrooms and herbs can be great too.

I've not cooked much with lobster as the local ones are endangered and I don't want to eat seafood from the other side of the country. How about a lobster ceviche? Lobster with mango would be good...

If you are not familiar with Spanish and Latin American cooking, those might be good cuisines to look to for healthy seafood ideas. I just glanced at one of my favorite Pan-Latin cookbooks (Viva la Vida by Rafael Palomino) and he suggests cooking steamer clams with garlic, chicken stock, saffron threads, salt, a tiny bit of butter, lemon juice, tomato and cilantro.

The chimichurri idea is a good one! You can make chimi with parsley or cilantro--both are good.

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7/25/13 3:08 P

I'm fine with just a wedge of lemon or lime squeezed over it, or nothing at all. I love crab legs and shrimp.

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7/25/13 2:19 P

Lobster is delicious enough on its own, why dilute it with something?

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7/25/13 12:12 P

For lobster, I think something like a chimichurri sauce would be fantastic. Here's a basic recipe, but you can use a lot less oil, and use whatever fresh herbs you like. Basil or dill would be great, or you could mix in old bay... use your imagination.

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7/25/13 12:04 P

What's wrong with the butter? Clarify it. Put some flavorings in it. It's good for you!
You can make a cream sauce to dip in, if you prefer it to butter. If you just don't like the "butter" you get in restaurants - that may be because some restaurants use butter flavored oil. I don't like those, either. yuk

I think it might be possible to thin some flavored cream cheese with yogurt or some such. Veggie dip. Make some of your own, even. I love Newburg sauce, like they put in bisques or seafood Newburg. Some of the groceries make flavored "finishing" butters -- but I'd read the label to see if it really is butter or is the fake stuff (margarine or oils) instead.

If you're simply looking for flavor, you don't need a dip or butter. Put your herbs or other seasonings in the water you're steaming the seafood over. It will infuse the meat and be very tasty!

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7/25/13 11:25 A

A tablespoon of Olive Oil, squeezed lemon, sprinkle of oregano and minced garlic....mix all together makes a good dip or something to drizzle on top of lobster.

You can also try fresh dill chopped with white wine, a little olive oil, garlic and pepper and the juice of 1 lemon.

Shrimp...I mix 2 tbs. of ketchup and add horseradish, sometimes just steak sauce or light soy sauce with sesame seed oil

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7/25/13 9:47 A

I haven't had lobster before but when I do eat seafood (fish shrimp, etc) I like to use lemon or lime juice and lemon pepper on it. or sometimes I'll use old bay seasoning. I don't know how that'll taste on lobster though!

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7/25/13 8:39 A

Does anyone have any ideas on how to eat lobster and steamers without all that melted butter? Is there anything else you dip yours into??

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