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6/4/13 9:55 P

I agree with Becky - ask! If they aren't able to give you an answer, ask for the company that provides the products, and phone them. I have done things like this many time, and they are more than willing to bend over backwards to help!


6/4/13 8:19 P

Not sure I can help with this.
While you can easily find the nutrition info for milk--you would need to "guesstimate" at the other ingredients and amounts. How much of a syrup, how much of the fat/cream???

I have one of these type machines in the hospital cafe where I also work and the company provides the nutrition info. Are you able to ask someone at the "place" if they can obtain the nutrition info.

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6/4/13 3:57 P

question, I'm a bit confused on what to track steamed milk as. I'm talking about adding maybe 1/4 cup of the stuff from a vending machine that also dispenses hot chocolate and cappucinos to my black coffee. Is there sugar or anything added? Or is it simply heated, likely full fat, milk?

Thanks. The tracker options all have syrups or are for like 12 oz drinks so I'm not sure if that's just the name for a drink, or if I should scale it down to the splash I decided to add today as a creamer since the coffee had been on the pot too long and tasted bad...

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