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2/19/14 3:43 P


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2/19/14 12:54 P

Congrats! Stay on course, and you will be back to your healthy weight soon!

NICOLES0305 Posts: 511
2/19/14 10:19 A

Woohoo! Way to go!

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2/19/14 9:06 A

Yeah! Woohoo!
Since I respark my life, I've lost 14 lb.
Back in 2012-first half 2013, I lost 60 pounds, then gain 40 back between june and january 2014.
I joined BLC 24 that started january 15 and since that, I'm down 14 pounds.

I changed a lot my eatings habits, getting rid of sugar and grains, eating mostly veggies, meat, eggs and, wait for it: FAT! Fat doesn't make you fat. I eat a lot less food and I'm not hungry! YEAH!

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