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9/30/13 5:16 A

Plan, plan, plan. The is an old saying, "fail to plan and you can plan to fail." Make a weekly meal plan, keep healthy snacks in reach, drink lots of water and chew gum. Good lick! You can do this.

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9/30/13 3:37 A

Cook large portions! Carve out time one day a week and cook a big batch of rice or pasta or whatever will keep for a week and then pop it into containers for each day then just grab some steamer bags of veggies which can be cooked in the microwave day of eating and bam quick healthy food!

I know from personal experience that is is super hard to not snack wildly while working on papers and researching just be sure not to buy the garbage food and to keep things like baby carrots, cucumbers and other veggies and fruits available for brain power snacking.

Getting plenty of sleep and drinking tons of water will keep you tip top as well for work and school.

Good luck!!!

DANIELLE2013 Posts: 105
9/29/13 10:43 P

Tomorrow is my first day back to school and I am extremely nervous that I won't be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working and taking classes. Any advice on how to stay focused on my goals and find time for working out and cooking healthy food while in college?

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