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12/1/12 4:47 P

I try for exercise streaks like working out 4 or 5 days a week - and I mean a good workout with cardio and weights. I make certain I walk everyday at least 20 minutes. I think starting with a manageable streak helps. If I have a goal I can reach, I'll be more positive. It's great you're thinking about this! Keep up the good work!

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12/1/12 4:43 P

Agree with DIDS70 do not exercise every day per say but do have some movement and do walk our two dogs almost everyday if I do not they sit in front of me with sad eyes
Also agree that set small goal achieving them is real motivation to continue
One day at a time

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11/29/12 8:47 A

do I work out everyday?-- no, not necessarily but I do something physically active every day. I do my surge training at least 4x a week and walk with some folks at work as weather permits.

What motivates me: My nieces and nephews do. If I don't take care of myself, I can't be around for them. So I look at Lyle's face and find that doing another 5 squats or crunches isn't impossible.

Definitely start with a small goal and work up from there.

11/28/12 8:33 P

It IS a lot of days.
I'd never set myself up for so many days at first.
I was thinking a smaller goal at first and then when I hit that, I'd just add on to it. -nods-

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11/28/12 9:33 A

That is a lot of days for a streak. I mean I have to break it down. my streaks.. like 10 20 or 30 days and some times I repeat them, way to go with her doing someting that long.. but your right staying motivated is sometimes a challenge

So how do you stay motivated to work out? Music music and seeing results
Do you work out every day (even the weekends)? 4 to 5x a week in the summer I always rode my bike on the weekends now that cold weather is here not so much
Do you have a streak going on Yes I do it is going to start Dec 1 to the 31st of 250 crunches a day I use a check off system on my mirror in my bedroom when I completed my streak for that day I check it off..

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11/28/12 9:07 A


I think making streaks are big motivators. I wish you all the best as you begin yours.

Coach Nancy

11/28/12 5:31 A

I was reading the "Weekend-Proof Your Workout Plan" article that's featured on the front page and it reminded me of a blog I watched the other day. The lady was just about to do her 600th day exercise streak. 600 days straight! So awesome. I just wonder how she stayed motivated enough to keep that streak up. That's 130 days short of 2 years. Oh gosh. That just seems like a really daunting task!

So how do you stay motivated to work out?
Do you work out every day (even the weekends)?
Do you have a streak going on?

I was thinking about starting a streak like that. She used post it notes and wrote the day's number on it and stuck it on the wall. Hmm, maybe it's time to invest in some post it notes!

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