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2/28/13 12:52 P

It may also be fun to theme different days/nights/meal- like Italian/Mexican nights or Chicken/Vegetarian nights. Set those and then have fun trying new recipes! I do have a trusted set of dishes I make on a regular basis- sometimes I get tired of them, too and have to shake it up with something new!

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/28/13 12:39 P

I have maybe 25 items in the veggie, fruit, nut and seed category that i really like. I just find different ways to prepare them. I haven't really gotten bored yet, thank goodness.

Maybe you can choose one meal for breakfast. lunch and dinner and just make something completely new. Look at the produce section and just go wild. Choose something you haven't eaten before or in a long time. Find a recipe and make it. If you like it great, you have a new recipe to add. if not, at least you didn't waste a lot of money or time.

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2/28/13 12:22 P


Find something you like, then change it up with different veggies, sauces, side dishes! Look at the recipes and change them to your liking!

2/28/13 12:00 P

What sort of variety interests you?

2/28/13 10:34 A

6th week and finding it hard to stay on track with food variety. Have to try some new things with meals.

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