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Start with a couple of "tricks". When you make meals that suit you, add a little extra for those not watching their calories. The first trick is to make YOUR meal look and taste delicious and make enough for the others but don't force it on them. My son and I eat many of the same things but when there is something I like but he doesn't we make separate meals. This used to be a common practice but he has discovered that he actually LIKES my food better than his old standbys. He has lost about 30 pounds by accident because he eats more and more like me. Bowls of fresh fruits and crisp, tasty veggies, and such can be attractive tempters. Don't try to FORCE people to eat like you BUT offer them the option of sharing it. If it looks like YOU are suffering and or feeling deprived, people around you will not be interested. If it looks like you are enjoying your food and there is PLENTY of it, you will likely start seeing others interested. The trick is to make YOUR food look better and taste better than THEIR JUNK. With kids, get them involved in preparing the food - (in fact, even hubbies and boyfriends can be lured in too). Kids eat a lot more variety when they get to help fix it. Just some ideas for luring them into your eating plan. If nothing works and nothing tempts them, then just make your portions smaller and or healthier. You have to deal with your reality so sometimes you may eat things otherwise not terribly healthy but even they can fit into a reasonable eating plan. Don't appear unwilling to do some of the family's favorites (maybe making them healthier, or swapping ingredients - or sometimes just exactly the way they all love it) and fit it into your calorie ranges.

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I live with roommates who exist on mac and cheese, lean cuisines, and pizza from the papa john's down the street. I just remind myself everyday of all of the sodium, preservatives, and other crap that is in processed food. My mantra is 'very few things taste as good as healthy feels.' (There are some days where nothing will top cookie dough ice cream :D)

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After not being on for about a month i slowly recovered my courage. my husband eats meat and i do not ... for the most part. It does not sit well after going all out vegan last year without really checking out my nutritional intake and then settling with vegetarian on the vegan side. Creating meals we can both enjoy has been a challenge, to say the least. I have found stir-fries, 'burgers' wraps, and even scrambling tofu for myself and eggs for him works. I also 'share' what I cook that is non-carnivore, fatening, or sugary with him and find if I just offer it he is pretty receptive.
He is doing his own exercise regiment, but sometimes will eat several cookies from the local bakery while I go through several sugar free popsicles, lol. Our exercise routines differ and I found it discouraging at first but now i just ignore it and concentrate on being a better me.
Sometimes I would die for candies and foods i really should not eat. I also make soy 'shakes' for myself and more fattening versions in larger quantities for him. I have found substitutions work, we 'appear' to eat the same except for portions and a few other things like sodas, etc and I do not feel so alone. I hope this helps.
I keep a photo of myself weighing 260 pounds on my closet door, lol. It is a real motivator. I am almost 57 and do not want to end up like so many people I see my age or older who pull up the rocking chair, sit on front of the television, and give up.

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Anyone have good ideas for staying motivated when you are the only person willing to diet or consider different food choices in your home??

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