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10/19/13 7:17 P

Day 1 of pedometer: 3240 steps.

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7/28/13 5:57 P

Dealing with pain is not easy. I hope the doctor is able to give you some answers.

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7/28/13 11:09 A

I am really hoping and praying for a positive change in my life this week. I applied for a new employment position that I am very qualified for. It would be a lovely, positive change in my life and for my family. I am hoping that this will be the week that they call to set up the interview. If not, I still have my current position, which is more than sufficient.

And, I have a doctor appt on Monday afternoon to discuss blood work results for cholesterol, fasting blood sugar, Lyme, rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammation markers due to my chronic, chronic pain,stiffness,inflammation and fatigue. I walk/jog 4 miles a day 5x week but I can barely move my legs for the rest of the week. I force myself to move and take 2 Aleve a day to take the edge off the pain but it's overall pretty ineffective. The new position I applied for would be much less physical so I am hoping it works out. Also, due to it being less physical I could actually settle down and work there until retirement.

Overall, I am hopeful for results and answers this week.

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7/15/13 9:15 P

Good things I did today: took my employee who was having a terrible day out to lunch. I really think she felt better after. I did not snack even though I felt hungry. I swam as many laps in the pool as I could.

Weak things I did today: did not do my 4 mile walk due to the 97 degree heat plus my legs always hurt very bad for the rest of the day of the walk plus the next day. I was craving a bagel and cream cheese and I indulged in one for my lunch. I don't usually give in to cravings but it really hit the spot and I really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow I will be better to myself!

7/4/13 6:51 P

Sounds like a tasty vacation!!

I know what you mean. I for one don't always log my food, because Sparkpeople is actually my secondary support group for my journey. I have a group of ladies I report to every day on Facebook that help keep me on track!

As far as why people start and stop, I was one of those people in my past. It's easy in a big community like this to get lost; to not feel the strong accountability that we often need. SparkTeams are awesome at building smaller, close-knit groups, or finding a few close friends (if you can find the right ones!)

Good luck! If you are still having trouble after your vaca finding some buddies that stick around, maybe we can hook up on Facebook and you can join our little group there. Awesome ladies there!!

Have an amazing time! Enjoy some yummy scallops for me, please! lol

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7/4/13 9:56 A

We are going on vacation for a few days and I know we will be eating rich seafoods, fried sea foods, tartar sauce, ice cream. I am going to eat and enjoy my seafood, it's once per year and we always look forward to returning to our favorite restaurants and it is part of the vacation experience for us and I don't believe that 2-3 days of vacation eating will break me; I believe I have the motivation and am in the right state of mind to come home and pick up where I left off.

One thing that kind of makes me sad on SparkPeople is that I have noticed there are a lot of fleeting relationships with fellow Sparkers. What I mean is that it is painfully apparent that some (few) people on SparkPeople join with the best intentions, friend me and converse with me, we work on motivating each other, and then 2 weeks later they disappear from SparkPeople never to be seen or heard from again. I feel like when these people disappear that I really miss them, miss sharing the mutual struggle, and miss cheering each other on. I feel that part of my success on here is definitely based on working together with others to reach success. When people disappear I feel like I take 2 steps back.

I am seeking out befriending people who have a longer history on SparkPeople. I would really love some Spark friends who are interested in working together long-term, through all the ups and downs. It is hard to make "virtual" friends.

Well, I am off to mow my lawn in the heat and humidity. Going swimming later to cool off. Good luck fellow Sparkers!

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