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6/7/13 12:00 A

It still does not make sense that there is nothing between 12 and 15.


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1/25/13 3:09 P

Tracking mileage adds to cardio and uses exactly the same entry that tracking cardio would do. Tracking mileage is not recommended for stationary bikes.

Because your body is working against the resistance of a magnet, not the force of moving your body and bike weight through physical space, stationary cycling is not the same thing as road cycling.

For improved accuracy, buy and wear a Heart Rate Monitor.

Until then, just use whichever of the two entries is closest to your speed.

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1/25/13 11:45 A

How do you track it? Do you track it under mileage or under cardiovascular? If you track it under mileage, it will automatically show you under the cardio.? The only thing that I could think of is to put in both times to see what you get for the calories burned. Then get an average and enter it in manually. Then remove the other two. That's what I do for the treadmill and the elliptical. You're right, it does seem like a wide range. It'd be nice to include the resistance (which also be nice for the elliptical). If resistance couldn't be worked in, then it would be nice to incorporate the distance climbed during the workout with the speed you were going. Sorry for the randomness.

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1/25/13 11:36 A

I'm sort of confused about tracking stationary bike minutes. The only options are greater than 15 mph and less than 12mph, 1mph-12mph and 15mph-however fast you can go seem like pretty wide margins and what about 12-15 mph? Help!

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